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"Have a 'Ball,' aid cancer support center"

Issue date: 10/24/07 Section: Variety
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C-Fresh will play Tasty World on Friday to benefit the Loran Smith Center for Cancer Support.
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Local record label Mantooth Music will mix beats and charity in a rap and hip-hop concert Friday at Tasty World.

The show will benefit the Loran Smith Center for Cancer Support, a community support group that provides free psychosocial support for those in the community who are dealing with the effects of cancer.

"Ball in the Fall 2" will feature local artists such as Ishues, C-Fresh, Bear and Elite Tha Showstoppa.

Recent Flagpole Music Award winners Deaf Judges also will be featured, as well as some Atlanta acts such as Mojo Swagger, Prophet and Goldy.

The event will work to mix fun with political issues, said Laura Gibson, director of promotions for Mantooth Music.

"Ishues is a political artist, and then you have someone like Elite Tha Showstoppa," she said. "We like to keep it eclectic - it keeps things interesting."

The concert will be recorded live so a mix CD can be released later, Gibson said.

Besides the music, the event will be hosted by Fort Knox of Strong Arm Management and will feature a special appearance by Buffie the Body, a model from Athens that has appeared in photo shoots for XXL magazine and had a part in the 2006 film "ATL."

The Ball idea started last year when Gibson's husband, Wil Smith, president of Mantooth Music, suggested they have a charity concert for her mother, who had cancer.

When: 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Friday
Where: Tasty World
More Information: www.myspace.com/mantoothmusic
"It's really important for those affected with cancer to stay on top of their attitudes," Gibson said. "They've been through everything, and they need all the help they can get. Patients can call the center any time they want."

The center provides individual counseling to deal with adjustment to the illness, said Mona Taylor, manager of the Smith Center.

"We help patients deal with the anxiety and depression that cancer can cause," she said.

The center also provides a healing arts program involving creative writing and expressive painting.

Another major part of the organization is the genetic counseling program, which examines the family links of cancer through certain genes.

"With these genes it doesn't mean you will get cancer," Taylor said.

"It means you are at a higher risk, so you should get yourself and other family members tested. Our program offers counseling for the family as well as a chance to get tested."

Mantooth Music was born when Smith moved to Athens in 2001 after performing for more than 15 years. - RED 7 BLACK/UGA TRICIA PURSER

"Mantooth Music Is Spreading the Love"


"Hate is motivation, especially in the music industry. But, we like to love," says Laura Gibson, director for promotions for Mantooth Music.

On October 26, Mantooth Music will be spreading that love at a charity event for the Loran Smith Center for Cancer Research at Tasty World.

Gibson's mother has cancer. With her husband and the director of Mantooth Music, Will, Gibson wants to show the Athens area what the hip hop community can give back.

Mantooth Music is the creation of the Will. Over the past few years, the couple has saved and bought all of the equipment needed to run a label. They are now in the process of building a strong label with a wide range of musical acts.

"The Ball in the Fall 2" is in its second year. Last year was a success and they hope this year is even better.

Local artists, including Ishues, Bear, Elite Tha Showstoppa, and Mantooth's own C-Fresh will be performing at the event. Alongside Athens finest hip hop artists will be Atlanta imports Mojo Swagger, Goldy and Prophet.

To compliment the wide variety of musical talent will be the event's host, Fort Knox of Strong Arm Management. Buffie the Body, Athens' first calendar girl, will also be making an appearance.

"We try to have fun. Once you stop having fun, people start making fun of you, and no one likes that." Gibson says.

If you hate cancer, love rap and hip hop music, or you are looking for a great time, be at Tasty World Friday, October 26. The event starts at 10 PM.

- ATHENS EXCHANGE by Matthew Burgoyne

"C-Fre$h Self-Made Mixtape"

Independent Release
originally published October 31, 2007

"Too much of a good thing can't be bad, right?...C-Fre$h's clear talent and skill (the guy's charismatically vibrant on stage)...Maybe it's time for Athens rappers to take some notes...C-Fre$h has the potential to expand upon his talents in the future - he's got a good sense for collaboration, pairing with local producers (Mantooth, The Industry) and guest stars (Elite tha Showstoppa, Mr. C, Pride Parade/Freeball guitarist Allen Owens) that complement rather than overshadow his rhymes. And there's an innate joy in C-Fre$h's delivery. Even when he's spitting about his "wild child life," for instance, C-Fre$h conveys the sense that he's inhabiting each and every syllable...C-Fre$h is throwing everything out there...Self-Made is good, but ...he'll improve. For now, see him live; the cat delivers some killer performances."
Chris Hassiotis
C-Fre$h is playing at Little Kings on Thursday, Nov. 1 as part of Hip-Hop Homecoming Week. - FLAGPOLE by Chris Hassiotis


Self Made Mixtape Vol. 1
Self Made Mixtape Vol. 2
C Fresh EP

Super High (clean version) & Music For The People-
90.5 FM, bunkradio.com, banannapeelradio.com



Born and raised in Athens Georgia, C-Fre$h, represents a core of the rap and hip-hop movement in this Classic City. The "Prince of the Classic" is known for both his incredible metaphors and his remarkable work ethic. He has a following that is relentless and constantly evolving. Support has only grown for this roots based rapper as word has spread like fire across the independent industry. After signing with Mantooth Music, C-Fresh and Mantooth, found a sound that was original to the Classic City. This sound would be deemed, “majestic ghetto-tech”, by Athens’ prestigious Flagpole Magazine. In June of 2007, C-Fre$h released his first mixtape, "Self-Made Vol. 1". In June of 2008, he followed with a second mixtape, “Self-Made Vol. 2”. They were termed mixtapes, not for lack of a better word but because each compact disc contains over twenty tracks and some samples. However, they are packed with over eighty percent original production. The layout of the tracks and the art is not traditional in the sense of an average “mixtape”. Each CD was an experiment in both musical and visual art. In. June of 2008, C-Fresh was nominated as “Best Rap Act” for “The Flagpole Music Awards” in Athens Georgia. Not only did C-Fresh have the honor of the nomination, he was the only rap artist invited to perform at the ceremonies, which were held at The Morton Theatre, in downtown Athens. C-Fresh has been featured in many forms of press. He was recently featured in Skope Magazine as the “Artist to Watch” and The Greenville Times, has noted his political action in the 2008 Presidential Campaign. He has faired well in the local press with mentions in UGA’s, “The Red and Black” and also in, “The Athens Banner Herald” which has applied the “Best Bet” title to him, more than once. His second mixtape release was the platform for both his debut music video “So Fly” and his debut EP which has received world wide attention. It has been noticed by Sony Playstation, a multitude of independent distribution sites and can be found across the web. The EP is progressive, from the album art to its enhancements to contain the “So Fly” music video. Throughout this time he has graced the stage with many familiar names from Attitude and B.O.B to Grand Hustle’s Young LA. C-Fresh was lucky enough to see the stages of the world famous Apache Café in Atlanta, The High Note Lounge in Birmingham Alabama and the historic, Morton Theatre in his hometown. C-Fresh is currently working on his first full-length album while maintaining his physical presence by performing shows around the Southeast. He can be found monthly at Tasty World, Athens most progressive music venue.