Common Ground

Common Ground


A deep pocket of FUNK, ROCK, and HIP-HOP exploding like a seismic wave of GROOVE through the crowd!


A deep pocket of FUNK explodes like a seismic wave of groove through the crowd! The sound of vinyl moving across the diamond stylus cracks like thunder! A sea of bodies bouncing in unison! These are the sights and sounds of CG dominating the stage.
Six talented musicians come together somehow find a “Common Ground” in their music. Blending Funk, R&B, Reggae, Hip-Hop and Rock into a cohesive original sound can be tough, but these guys have done it!!
The band’s influences include: The Roots, Jeff Buckley, 311, Incubus, Bob Marley, The Police, KISS, Sublime and Phish….No wonder they are so diverse.
Their first album, a full length self-titled one, was released in the summer of 2003. It contains 11 power packed songs and has received rave reviews.



Written By: CG

I woke up early this morn
you laid beside me but you were not warm.
You said you had some bad things to say.

I walked outside about 1
to feel the warmth of the midday sun
it could not melt all of your cold away.

You kicked me out of my own home
no place to live now I'm all alone.
Ask how I'm feelin', you know how I'm feelin'
I will always do just fine.

She lives and she knows
of what comes and what goes in life.
And I got the feeling that she loves me again.

Just when I thought I was strong.
I glimpse your body then you creep into my song.
I clearly see that trouble comes my way.
But yet you smell so sweet.
And with that voice down low it's hard to compete.
I cannot push these mental thoughts away.
You throw your arms around my neck and shape your mouth into a kiss and then something inside me remembers times just like this.
Ask how I'm feelin', you know how I'm feelin'
I will always do just fine.

It's not me you love with the lashing of your tongue now your words go unheard, your wicked spell come undone.
Wounded and healing, I'm no longer feeling that you can get me back this time.


Written By: CG

Well I imagine certain things will stay on the move.
They’re sure not starving now that we’ve got something to prove.
Times were hard back in 2 G 1 there was not a bargain
that could have kept these politics from warring.
Strong and solid.
Now everybody’s sabotaging, making bombs out of fuselages, and they’re arming up their squadrons.
So I take a second beg your pardon,
do I assume that we now burn a flag and follow through, with armies charging?
Ignorance is like this piston that’s heavily
pounding knowledge into infinity, creating casualties.
Taking back what we grasp at
Before you know it, your best friend’s been hijacked.
I can’t believe I’ve got to get it, got to go this time.
The plane is leaving and I’m standing in the wrong line.
Steering clear of the ignorance and mind crime.
Then nobody’s got to tell me what I’m running from now.

Catch you feeding with these sharks now, you cracked villains.
I don’t feel the same way you’re feeling, let it be known
that I cop out of whack dealings and bust vapors.
Cash rules. Still don’t nothing move but the papers.

And now they’re robbing us from every precinct, soon our species becomes extinct.
Empty the chamber, come back to love.
A case of tear gas never hurt them before.
They’ve got a thousand revolutionaries screaming for more.
They’re screaming “BUST OUT!”
Well if you want it you got it.
They’re screaming “HEADS ROLL!”
I can tell by the look on your face they will.
I’ll stand in the wake of something else.
I’ll get it started for us.

I’ll stand in the wake of something else.

Drown in the crown
It’s all over.


Written By: Jason Schneider

I drive away from this place I call home heading straight for the ocean.
Then falling fast through a web in my own mind, analyzing emotion.
Basking in warmer days, yet making time for pain, but only prophets can see that world away.
Stop creasing these lines, I figure it's time, up the ante and blow it open wide.
All in good time...

Because it feels real when I could blow this town at any time.
It's surreal how it feels when your dreams come out from where they hide.

I've tasted pain, the kind that a thousand years or more could never get rid of.
But that same story looked at in a certain way shows I was more than receiving.

In the prime of our lives when we watched it slowly slip away.
The surprise in your eyes shows we had some feelings locked away.

Barely balancing on sawtooth, either it's a tollbooth or it's a payroad.
Heavy living in the same skin, muttering the same sound comes from the same throat.
Living in this world of crackheads modeling their sackthreads, fiending again.
There is no silence anywhere...

I'll just fix it later. I'll just wait 'til it's bowling me over.

You gave my life a taste of a love that's true and hard to find in a lifetime.
Rarely does one inspire or light my holy fire that keeps me holding on.


Album: Common Ground - 2003
Single: Papers - #1 on

Set List

Set length ranges from 45 minutes to 2 hours. 90% original songs that are standard 3-6 minutes.

Original CG tunes

--Not Again
--This Shot
--Gettin' Down
--My Position
--Drop It
--Pools of Murky Lust
--Blow Your Mind


"Galaxie"--Blind Melon
"Mellowship Slinky"--Red Hot Chili Peppers
"The Next Movement"--The Roots
"Get Ready"--Sublime
"It Was A Good Day"--Ice Cube