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Fontana, California, United States | SELF

Fontana, California, United States | SELF
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"C.G. Ryche - Live in Concert"

To refer to C.G. Ryche as a "Renaissance man" would be an understatement. The passions and interests of this gifted, consummate artist run wide and deep. They are evident from the moment you meet C.G., or watch him stride confidently onto a concert stage. And they have served him well, helping him to parlay his love and reverence for rhythms into a long and successful career that has inspired and educated a generation.

At his core, C.G. Ryche is master percussionist, a student of the craft who has spent decades exploring rhythmic traditions from all over the world. As a player, Ryche has toured the globe behind a host of renowned artists from Benise to Wayne Newton, hired his skills out to corporate giants like Disney, and headlined some of the world's biggest drum festivals. An accomplished songwriter and music producer, Ryche has released three CDs of original material, and his highly touted concert DVD, Echoes of Silence is in regular rotation on PBS stations across the country. More recently, C.G. has taken his unique visual and musical sensibilities behind the scenes, working with companies like Remo, Inc. to produce innovative video and film productions.

With such a broad range of talents, it seemed only a matter of time before Ryche found the right vehicle to direct all of his passions toward a single goal. That goal is brilliantly realized in the new show "C.G. Ryche - Live in Concert." If you've never given much thought to the role that drums and percussion play in the world around us, indeed in our everyday experience, then this remarkable production will change your thinking forever.

According to Ryche, "People might be surprised to see a mainstream rock-style concert led by a drummer. But what I wanted to do here was to increase people's understanding of the power and variety in the drums." Lofty aspirations to say the least, but this concert - vast in scope - delivers the goods. Utilizing a full rock band, three singers, multimedia visuals, and a veritable orchestra of drummers and percussionists, Ryche manages to transport the audience on a rousing musical journey, stopping at numerous ports of call along the way, including Cuba, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Japan and Africa.

Nearly all the music in the show is original, and each new song brings with it a fresh combination of featured performers, sonic flavors, and rhythmic textures. One number features a Brazilian "batucada" drum orchestra; another, an army of Kodo drummers; a searing Afro-Cuban ensemble explodes in a third. Interestingly, Ryche manages to present these rhythmic traditions authentically, while still keeping things entertaining for the primarily neophyte audience.

"I want people to learn about these cultures in a way that's accessible. A country like Nigeria might not have created something like democracy, but their music is the major contributor to world culture. My goal is to bring these traditions to Americans in a way that they understand."

In assembling his cast of percussionists, Ryche has wisely drawn from the world-class talent pool available here in Southern California. "To gather this many virtuosos in one setting is a rare treat indeed - a lot of these guys are my heroes. For me, the best part of the show is where we all just do our thing. We'll discuss the beginning and the end, but no one knows what's gonna happen in between. It make the show different an exciting every time."

These jam sessions happen at various points throughout the night, reaching their apex in a feature that showcases six drummers trading licks on a single set of timbales. By the time this bit of supreme showmanship is over, the audience is on its feet roaring with approval.

Ryche smartly tempers the bombastic features with soaring vocal ballads and quieter acoustic numbers. His lyrics are often based in ancient tongues - Hebrew, Aramaic and Latin - creating a tranquil, ambient environment that calms the soul while simultaneously preparing it for the next percussive assault. The set also includes two covers, Pink Floyd's classic "Wish You Were Here," and the silky "No Ordinary Love" by Sade.

Resonating through the entire show are larger, universal messages that utilize rhythm to explain the common experiences we all share as members of the human race. In one of several short films that accompany the music, a father describes to his son how "the heartbeat is the drum of life, and its rhythm resides in us all." In another, iconic images of tragedy and disaster are triumphed by the enduring will of the human spirit. Perhaps the most personal moment of the show comes in the stripped down and heartfelt original "The Balcony of My Heart." Autobiographical in origin, the song laments the frustrations we've all endured watching a close friend or family member make poor decisions, while we are forced to watch from the sidelines.

In a show that presents such a diverse batch of material, the common thread binding it all together is the star himself. From his post atop an enormous percussion rig, Ryche seems to be everywhere at once, directing traffic, leading dances and chants, all while playing literally dozens of instruments. Ryche provide much of the show's "wow" factor, too; literally tumbling across the stage with an African djembe drum at one point, and throwing down some stunning acrobatics with a pandeiro (Brazilian tambourine) in another. It's obvious that Ryche loves what he's doing, and his informal manner and good-natured humility quickly win over the audience and bring an intimacy to the entire proceeding.

"C.G. Ryche - Live in Concert" is designed to educate, inspire and entertain - to connect you with your primal roots, and to make you feel like a part of the human family. Presented by this multi-faceted artist, it succeeds at every level.
- Daniel Glass / Author & Writer for Modern Drummer


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Echoes of Silence - DVD / 2008 / C.G. Ryche (Nationwide PBS)
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Visionary Composer, Acclaimed Film Maker & Master Percussionist C.G. Ryche is a one of a kind artist, with a one of a kind vision. Best known for his Extreme Approach & Dazzling Showmanship as a Multi-Percussionist. Ryche has performed for Nationwide Tours, Top Drum Festivals, National DVD releases, Television Appearances and has also been hired to choreograph drumming for the NFL, The Walt Disney Company, Hewlett-Packard, Hollywood Pictures, PBS, National Touring Artists and Major MMA Events.

C.G. has pushed the boundaries of a contemporary artist by bringing rhythm to the forefront, with out compromising the commercial accessibility of the songs. Ryche also has a multicultural approach to music that allows him to have a much more diverse audience and age demographic. C.G. Ryche has sold out Concert Venues & Headlined Las Vegas with Larger than Life concerts entitled “Imaginarium” which include a World-Class Band, Multimedia, Top Notch Lighting & some of the best Drummers & Percussionists on the planet. His live concert DVD ‘Echoes of Silence’ still airs on over a 100 PBS station nationwide. C.G. Ryche Films opened its doors in 2007 for the opportunity for C.G. to utilize his knowledge in the film world as a Director & Editor for some of the top musicians & companies in the music industry including, Remo Inc., Paiste America, Tizer, PBS & his solo career. C.G. is as sought after for his production and branding skills including the 2012 Brazilian Carnival at the Nokia in L.A., The X-treme Percussion Concert for Taiwan.

Music reviewer Travis Sabaitis quoted C.G. Ryche as “An unbelievable Composer, truly ahead of his time”. With a background as both a record producer & a film composer, Ryche’s music has a rhythmical edge that’s visionary yet relevant. With influences like: Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Enigma & Evanescence, Ryche’s music has been performed by college marching bands on ABC’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and was used for the ring ceremony for the 2007 NFL Super Bowl Champion ‘Indianapolis Colts’ and is currently used by the US Marine Corp to inspire the troops in Iraq. C.G.’s unique blend of Rhythm and Visionary Compositions can be heard in countless Cirque & Dance performances globally.

C.G. Ryche is considered by his peers to be one of the most Innovative, hard working & driven artist you will ever meet, and his passion, love & integrity for his craft can be felt in everything he does.

“To refer to C.G. Ryche as a ‘Renaissance man’ would be an understatement. The passions and interests of this gifted, consummate Artist run wide and deep. They are evident from the moment you meet C.G., or watch him stride confidently onto a concert stage. And they have served him well, helping him to parlay his love and reverence for rhythms into a long and successful career that has inspired and educated a generation.”
- Daniel Glass – Drum Author & Writer for Modern Drummer Magazine