Den Haag, South Holland, NLD
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Adventurous popnoir band (with influences from gothicjazz and indie) with enchanting female vocalist with a four-octave range. Released 2 albums. They got many very good press reviews. Danger is never far away in the music from Chabliz. The band just finished a brand new album right now. In March 2016 Chabliz is touring in New York, USA.


Dutch adventurous popnoir band with enchanting female vocalist with a whopping four-octave vocal range, who uses several vocal techniques. Released two albums, a live album ("BlackBlue") and a studio album: "Nightporter". Both albums got a lot of very good press critics in the dutch and international press (Oor, Fret, Live XS, Music maker, Heaven, NRC Handelsblad, AD, Volkskrant and many others). ( for reviews, visit: ). A brand new album is recorded, it's ready and due to be released Spring/Summer 2016. Chabliz has influences from dreampop, rock and gothicjazz. Artists they love and are compared with are Nick Cave, Kate Bush, Nico, Lene Lovich, Beach House, Nina Hagen and many others. In june 2014 Chabliz won the Public Award, category Music,  at the Delft Fringe Festival in Holland. In March 2016 they will do a little tour in New York, invited by the Real Radio Show.

Petra de Winter signed a record deal with major CNR-Arcade (Holland). She performed, a.o., at stages in London, Copenhagen and Tunisia. In Holland she was a guest of Paul de Leeuw at his popular national t.v. show. Petra has also worked with other Dutch musicians, such as Arie Spaans (Naked, Suburbs), Daniel Derks (ex-de Dijk), Hans Eijkenaar, Leendert Haaksma, Michel van Schie, Holger Schwedt, Shell Schellekens and Michiel Papenhove ( ex- Within Temptation). She studied at the DJAM and the Royal Conservatory.
Double bass-player Marcel Peters has played the North Sea Jazz Festival five times. He also accompanied jazzvocalist Faye Claassen and Mariska Veres (Shocking Blue). Chabliz' studio album "Nightporter" has been produced by Wim Oudijk. He had several top 40 hits in the seventies with his band 'Navel'. Last years he worked with bands as a producer; Wim produced a.o. "Venus Flytrap" and had hits with "Doctorandus P". He co-founded the "Tresspassers W".
Drummer Ap de Ree entried the finals of the important "Big Prize of Holland" with his band "The Butler". He also played in new waveband Basic Scream, and formed a duo with his ex wife, a gifted singer and pianist. They toured together for several years.
Pianist-keyboardist Pim van Riezen had some small hits with several dance songs on the Rave label.. He studied at the conservatory of Amsterdam and plays pop, classic organ and jazzpiano. His extra speciality is recording, mixing and producing. The new album is produced by Pim, in coรถperation with the rest of the band.
Guestplayers of Chabliz are guitarplayer and songwriter Henrik Olsen, who lives in Copenhagen, and guitarplayer and studio technician / producer Marcel van Ling. Marcel owns his own studio and did some studiowork for the band. Celloplayer Giselle Bentvelsen played cello at one of the tracks. 

Producer, singer and songwriter Wim Oudijk had several hits in the seventies and eighties. He produced the last album and one song on the new album. The production of the new album is in the hands of Chabliz (DIY).

Chabliz did five short tours of Rumania (Bucharest) at the Jeunesses Musicales Festival and played there again in 2009 at the EUROPAFEST festival and at the Hardrock Cafe. Their concerts were broadcasted on the Rumanian State Television. The band played extensively all over Holland, in all sorts of clubs, theatres, festivals and other venues. Some highlights are the several clubcircuit-stages all over Holland, the The Hague Jazz Festival where they played gothicjazz ( 2009), Festival "The Affaire" (Nijmegen) , the Boulevardfestival (Den Bosch), the dutch "Popronde" and several live radio concerts, also for radio 2.

What: The Live-to-DAT-recorded debut-album "Black Blue" was highly acclaimed by the Dutch music-press (a.o. OOR, Fret, Music Maker). Chabliz' studio album "Nightporter" got even better press-critics in the Dutch and international music-press. Amongst Chabliz' fans and appreciators are several celebreties: the late Theo van Gogh, Hans Vermeulen, Van Dyke Parks and Adriaan Bontebal.
Chabliz made it to many finals, several jury's chose Chabliz because they loved this music.
Right now Chabliz just finished a new album, due to be released in Spring / summer 2016. At one of the tracks famous dutch artist Fay Lovsky is the featuring artist, playing musical saw and theremin.
A tour through Holland and the rest of Europe is to be planned right after the release.
The band is working on new songs and recordings right now.

Chabliz is influenced by many artists, a.o. Joy Division, Diamanda Galas, Yma Sumac, Greetje Bijma, Ute Lemper, Nick Cave, David Bowie, Richard Wagner, Beach House, Jeff Buckley and many more.



Written By: Petra de Winter (music & lyrics) and Marcel Peters (music)

(the) Nightporter © Petra de Winter

The days grow long
the nights are short
I can't breath anymore
now are the lights to go
inside we did know
they smoke us out
we're out of food
we are hungry, but don't give in
Death is breathing down our necks
the cold, hell is waiting, I know

This threw a shadow far ahead
my fate was there, when I met you
and you couldn't turn it with down your hands
it was too large, it was too true

we need to face
the only truth we own, we share, we have
we can't sacrifice our love again
we have to look in the eyes of fate
there's no choice, we're no cowards


There's no memory, there's nothing to leave behind
just emptyness, no horizons,
nothing to believe in anymore
someday, someday our memories will come alive
but we must hide, we can't show our faces

There's nothing left
this is all
to defend against the overwhelming flood of all of you
get to me
I know, I fear, I love, I hide I wait, I long for you
inside, tonight
Get away, get away, get away, get away........( etc.)


Written By: Petra de Winter (music and lyrics) & Mark Bubberman (music)

Moon. © Petra de Winter

Once, the people had hope
although they were miserable
their future was shiny
their purpose was high
their morals were up
tradition brought certainty
and peace of mind
it's dust from the moon, dust from the moon, dust from the moon...

Now, there's nothing to find
life is an airbubble, it's floating away
we just multiply, without a reason
I want the moon in you, don't let me lose you
dust from the moon, dust from the moon...

this dust is like gold, and it's very rare
it's very exclusive and nobody's got it
and when the wind blows, it's flying away
through the spaces of the evolution

Don't fly away from me
it's still the kid behind the masque, that I love
the silence speaks
it breaks my ears
don't act like the dust from the moon.
O silent moon
o silent moon
o silent moon.......

Blue Strike / audio track 1

Written By: Petra de Winter

Blue Strike ( by Chabliz)

Lyrics by © Petra de Winter.
Music by Petra de Winter & Henk Greven
Arrangement by Pim van Riezen & Chabliz.
Chabliz = Pim, Petra, Ap, Marcel, René.

108 bpm, Am.

Couplet (verse) 1:
We all sat there gathered together
inside this squatted house
dark clouds packed above us all together.
Inside this squat

Bridge 1:
the fire
kept us warm, together
bricks were thick and bold together
black suits made us heroes
and we tried (to hold it)

Couplet / verse 2:
This night
Had a dream about this building
we were standing on the roof
all my old friends packed up on this building
severe and cold it was

Bridge 2:
coffee, piles of bread at tables
scanners, smoke and chats together
paint and bricks and fire
we would defend this building

Blue Strike, you appeared to me, i know that
at this moment you are dying çause they won
your bricks are falling
tear you down, you're down

Blue strike, i wasn't there for a long time
but in my dream we were there all because we lost
your bricks are falling
tear you down, you're down.

Organ solo (instrumental).


My friends,
we grew up, your arms were warm but couldn't hold us
we had to carry on
you were standing there we saw you often
strong and firm
we had to
achieve things for ourselves
tried not to betray your values
our thoughts only warm about you
we were born from

Refrain with breaks:

Blue strike – you appear to me, i know that
at this moment- you are dying çause they won
your bricks are falling
tear you down, you're down

refrain with whole band:

Blue strike i wasn't there for a long time
but in my dream we were there all because we lost
your bricks are falling
tear you down, you're down

refrein 2x herhalen met koor erbij.


- BlackBlue - live album
- Nightporter - studio album
- single "Nightporter" on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. (2012)
- Singles "Moon" and "Billie Jean" on Spotify, etc. (2013)

2009- demo, produced by famous guitarplayer Dany Lademacher
2009- Billie Jean - single
2012- teaser, single (autumn/winter '12) + videoclip (You Tube: march 2013: "Blue Strike")
2013- December : Videoclip : Imitating Angels ( You Tube)

2014:  November :  Videoclip "Poppies in Flanders Fields ( You Tube)

2015 : Live video's "I Put A Spell On You" and "Moon" released @ You Tube

2016 : New studio album (upcoming)

Set List

1. Imitating Angels
2. Don't believe
3. Poppies- in Flanders fields
4. Blue Strike
5. Billie Jean
6. Moon
7. in the flesh
8. Erased
9. Maybe there are some wounds
10. When sirens call
11. Breakfast
12, the Swing
13. lady grinning soul
14. Why do you look so sad
15. You were meant for me
16. an invitation to sin
17. Nightporter
18. I put a spell on you

We are able to play a concert from every length in between fifteen minutes and 100 minutes. We or you are able to make a selection from the songs above. About 80% of our setlist are own-written, original songs. The others are creative, original arrangements from mostly obscure songs, written by some of our (sometimes famous) heroes. We changed the arrangements and atmosphere so much that some of these songs are even difficult to recognize if you know the original.