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A Southern Hip Hop artist with a story tell and music that makes people feel good and touch there souls. Dancing, riding, thinking, all bases of music is touched. I make music for the people i give the fans what they want, thats the only i can survive int this business.


Since 2003 I have been writing and producing music. I started my first rap group name " So Thowd Clicc. As a group we were featured several mixtapes, also recording a album call " Legal Hustle." Doing Shows Across Oklahoma our name became well known. Although our group was having success, good things dont last always, the group disbanded in 2005. I have since been a solo artist, continuing to persue my dream of becoming an artist that the world loves. Creating my label "So Thowd Productions" I am working hard to take the wold by storm.


1. Da Thowdest N Da Go
2. Fat Doobie
3. Cha Da Thowd
4. Thowd Or Nothin

So Thowd Clicc's
Legal Hustle

Set List

Club Dance music

1. So Thowd Step
2. Body Rock