We are Cha-Cha. We are a fun London-based disco rock/pop trio who write catchy tunes and make people dance. Main influences include The Virgins, Phoenix, The Strokes, Two Door Cinema Club and The Police.


We were initially brought together by a phonographic love for The Virgins, The Strokes, The Police and Phoenix, and have finally emerged from our London hideout to introduce ourselves. We have had a busy first year together writing, recording and performing our debut album, ‘We Are…’, and are now finally ready for you to take notice.
We've crafted what we like to describe as “a cross between dirty pop hymns and offbeat disco rock”. We hit the London gig circuit in March 2009 and soon found the demand for our4-track demo CD going way beyond our control, as new fans witnessing our energetic live performances became eager to take something else beside the memories home - all the while we were tactically still aiming to remain relatively under the radar until our pop-fuelled debut album was ready.

Aside from our line up of Blain McGuigan on lead vocals/bass, Alex Cameron Ward on secondary vocals/guitar, and Samuel Garbutt on drums, we use a variety of synths, noises and looped effects to significantly boost our distinctly three-piece sound to another level. With a primary focus on vocal hooks, driving basslines, jingly guitars and danceable beats, we want to get as many feet moving, heads bopping and hands clapping for as long as you’ll let us.

We returned from the studio in November with our ten-track debut album ‘We Are…’ in hand, which is due for release via newly established Pop Noodle Records in April 2010. Our debut single 'Phonographic Love' was released on the 31st of January 2010 and received critical acclaim and decent airplay. We also have a music video which created quite a buzz and can be seen here:


'Phonographic Love' single released via Pop Noodle Records on the 31st of January. Received notable airplay coverage, havn;t heard it yet? Check it out on the Sonic Bids player or watch the music video on youtube!

Debut album 'We Are' due for release April the 30th via Pop Noodle Records!

Set List

We change our set lists to keep our fans on the edge. We can play any amount of time needed, we do play covers but during live shows generally prefer to play our own material. Have played sets at gigs between 20 min to 2 hours sometimes! Typical set list for us is 30-45 minutes.