Chad Bradford

Chad Bradford


Chad Bradford takes Classic and Modern Country and takes it all to the next level. Using his smooth vocals and ablitiy to virtually sing anything, he can take any song and make it a hit. He is just a good old Southern Man that makes you feel at home and it seems just like is singing only to you.


"You need to stay in school and finish your medical career because it's
going to be a struggle being a country music artist," said Gerald Bradford.
Luckily for us, the young man who respected and always heeded his father's
advice didn't this time. The then twenty-two year old is still the same singer
with the ever present burning desire to live out his dream. Chad Bradford is
now one of the hottest unsigned country artists out today. His following is
growing in rapid numbers as he continues to play venues throughout the south.

Chad was born and was raised his
entire childhood in rural north Alabama. As you would guess, he was enriched
with the Muscle Shoals Sound at a very early age, since his hometown of Hatton
is only twenty miles away. With the Shoals R&B sound, along with country and
gospel music, Chad was soaked in all types of music. Country music was his
first love and still remains the same today. He was heavily influenced by
Merle Haggard, Larry Gatlin, and Garth Brooks.

At the age of eighteen years old, Chad got his first taste of the honkytonks
performing at the Nashville Lounge in Sheffield, Alabama. This was a big
adjustment for the young singer since he had only performed in church and
school as a young teenager. He also started his first year of college with
the plan to become a medical doctor. He finished his undergraduate studies at
the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a bachelors of science in Medical
Technology. Shortly after graduating, he was introduced to Walt Aldridge of
FAME recording studios and began to get his first taste of the studio life.
Chad also began making quite a name for himself in north Alabama and south
Tennessee by playing anywhere and everywhere he could. Chad won first place
in the nationally renowned Jimmy Dean Talent Contest in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.
He started bringing in hundreds of faithful fans at PJ's nightclub in Muscle
Shoals. "Chad doubled and even tripled my attendance within a few months,"
said Tom Berryman who is the manager there. He added, "We had people traveling
from Mississippi, Tennessee, and even Georgia to watch that boy play."

Feeling like it was time to make the big move, he moved to Nashville in January 2000.
He recorded a four song demo and sold over 2000 copies with literally no promotion
at all except the club venues. Earlier this past year, Chad released his first
album, Dollar Short, and the response has been great. He decided to leave the
regular house gig in Muscle Shoals and start promoting his album throughout the
south. What a great decision he made, for he has tripled his fan base with shows
in south Florida, Tennessee, and Alabama. Today, Chad continues his journey on the
road living out his dream. He has left his mark on every stop along that journey and
continues today with people wanting more.


Chad Bradford Demo CD and "Dollar Short" produced by Chris Seiver Productions

Set List

Songs from current recordings and numerous cover song.