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Chad D

Harleysville, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF

Harleysville, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF
Band Pop Hip Hop


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Demoesque - Self produced demo/EP
The Human Link - Full length professional album.

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My biography continues to change and grow, almost monthly. Now that I am in NYC, things are starting to roll.

I have a plan: broadcasting positive, progressive messages and thoughts through music and lyrics. Listen to learn, and life can change. Neo Pop is my genre, and fans are the energy for the plan. My proposed outcome? Education and elimination of bullies. This was not my original goal, or so I thought. I wanted to bring peace and happiness and all that good stuff to the world through my music. I would utilize and teach the Law of Attraction. Then I realized, if we remove "the bully," we are left with unity and love. I now see what the mission is and I am going for it.

I want you to know – you matter. There is a place for you in this world. If you are 12, you may not realize that, but get excited for the future and what you can discover. If you are 35, life may be slowing down or even becoming boring – that can change. Let me inspire you to be happy. If you are 76, life can be beautiful and filled with joy. It is always possible to be at peace with yourself and others. We can all learn this and apply it. That is how we can change the world. This is my way of changing the world.

I’ll admit, it may seem like I just want to be a rock star – but that isn’t the whole story. Growing up in this world, I’ve learned how we interact with each other as humans. Sometimes we are nice. Sometimes, we aren’t. I was bullied in school and it damaged me. After years of feeling bad, I’ve learned how to turn it into good. Through my music and lyrics, you can learn too.

One of my goals is to help my generation, and future generations of youth feel comfortable with themselves – even in the face of bullying and intolerance. Currently, the bullying of LGBT’s is more prominent, but all bullying is unacceptable. We feel there is nowhere to turn and we don’t fit in to this world, so some commit suicide. Suicide is a symptom of an unhealthy society with dangerous communities & oppressive social stigmas. There are bullies in the adult world too, they just take on different forms and appear in different, more mature situations. My music expresses feelings of happiness, love, acceptance, tolerance, and justice – all of which we need more of in our world. Join me on a mission to happiness, because it gets better.

I had the dream when I was 5. I watched & listened to Michael Jackson and was hooked. I always enjoyed performing throughout grade school. Lip syncs, talent shows, and dance companies. Once I entered high school, the dream slipped away and I was swallowed by the system of education, conformity and depression. I'm not claiming that our social system is flawed, it's just not built for everyone. I felt like I had no choice but to go to college, get a degree and work my life away. I tried, but after my first semester I dropped out for 8 months. In October of 2008 I returned to school and started working on my associates. In April of 2009 I wrote my first song. In April of 2010 I began recording the album with a track listing of over 20 musical concepts and 80+ pages of lyrics.

TBC :)