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Chadd Dukes

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"Hitman of the South"
"No Love Shown"
"Get paid"
"Coupe de Ville"



Born in 1981 from the city of Corpus Christi, Texas, by way of San Antonio, Texas comes the Premier Artist of the South…… Chadd Dukes. This artist embodies the true essence of the “New South” movement with every single released into the public’s hands. With hard-hitting 808 drum patterns illuminating hard driven tracks the album “No Love Shown” is quickly becoming a classic throughout the South.

Chadd Dukes, born Chad Kontogeorgis, had an interest in music since birth. Born into a poverty stricken environment, losing his father at three years old, he was forced to be a product of a single parent household at an early age. Under these conditions he developed ways of occupying his mind and enhanced his creativity. While his mother did her best providing for the home, the television became a baby-sitter for the children.
Shows like “Good Times”, “The Jeffersons”, and other similar series became daily staple.
But of all this, music was the only thing that could satisfy the young child.

From childhood through adolescence, the power of music heavily influenced this artist.

“People like ‘Pac, ‘Face, Snoop, Dre… They all influenced me. I looked at each of them as an inspiration because if they could do it, then I could do it. And I felt that in some cases, I felt that some of the things they were doing, if I had the chance, I could do it better.”

All throughout his teenage years, this artist began penning song after song, learning the art of songwriting from studying the lyrical form of his idols. Then in September 1996, at the height of the East Coast – West Coast beef, the death of Tupac Shakur added fuel to the flame that was slowly igniting inside the now sixteen year old.

“I remember I was standing in the living room of the two bedroom apartment that Me, my mom, and my sister lived in, in San Antonio, TX. Me and my girl at the time and a few other people were just chillin and then that shit popped up on the TV that ‘Pac had died. The fucked up part was that I liked Juice, I felt Poetic Justice, and at the time I was basically dissecting “All Eyez on Me”, I mean at that moment I had the shit in my CD player, it was a trip man.” But his death made me just turn into a historian on this nigga. I was fucked up off that because I was intrigued with this dude and his work ethic and now I was automatically cut off.”

The tragedy exploded the artist into an all-out assault into the rap game. While working at a telemarketing company, a break-time impromptu freestyle session, turned into the forming of the “Outlaw Clik” with cousin Martin Dukes and friend Rogen Jefferson. Then, after seeing little progress in life and in music, he proceeded to focus on the future. After graduating from high school, he then joined the Air Force and after a brief stint in Missouri, he moved on to Germany were he connected with producers Charles Williams and Darrell White and began working on the “No Love Shown” album.

“ I feel that this album is Me. It is how I feel about things, my personality, my fears, and my hopes, and my struggles all condensed in one CD. This is just the beginning for me because there are more aspects of my life and personality that I want to touch on that I know people will relate too. I know I’m special and I am not trying to be something that I’m not. I want people to see me laugh, cry, fight, and live. I know that I am here for a reason, so I am prepared to accept my destiny whatever it may be and live life to the fullest.”