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Chaddy Boom

Orlando, Florida, United States | INDIE

Orlando, Florida, United States | INDIE
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Poppish Rockish (2013)- soon to be released



“It’s Chaddy B to the Boom!” These are the words that will ring when you see Chaddy Boom at a live show. This singer/songwriter/actress/choreographer’s live performances mix her style of “poppish-rockish” songs and bring them to life. From the “island-rockish” sounds of “For the Ride” to the upbeat “poppish” sounds of “Remedy”, Chaddy Boom will make sure she keeps the whole crowd in tune, even if they have never seen her perform. Although Chaddy Boom is just now bursting on the scene as a music artist, she is not a stranger to the live stage.
Chadet (pronounced as you would the singer Sade) Tennille Aleem was born in Buffalo, New York and was raised for most of her childhood before permanently moving to Orlando, Florida to attend the University of Central Florida where she majored in theatre. During high school she attended the Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts where she also majored in theatre and graduated with that degree. She also was very active in sports, topping cross country every year and being a star on her varsity basketball team for all of her years of highschool. “I loved playing sports and the arts. But when I went to college I had to make a choice because there was no time for both. So I chose the arts. I didn’t wanna have a career in sports.” While in highschool, Chadet was part of a documentary featured on the “N” network entitled “I Sit Where I Want: The Legacy of Brown vs The Board of Education” which focused on segregation still existing fifty years after the Brown decision of integration was made. “Even my highschool was segregated. All of us got along but our lunchroom was extreme. There was a black section, a white section, a Hispanic section, and dabbles of other races here and there. My freshman year at sat at a 6 seated table and I think that was the only integrated table in the lunchroom. My sophomore and junior year I sat with the white classmates and my senior year I sat with the black classmates at the end of the long table where my two white friends joined the rest of us. We all loved each other but the segregation was crazy. My hometown itself is so segregated.”
Chadet’s family is no stranger to music. Her late grandfather on her father’s side was a well known jazz piano player. Her grandmother and aunt on her mother’s side were singers in a band. “Music has always been around me. My mother used to always write songs that I still remember from the age of four.” Chadet’s inspirations come from Michael and Janet Jackson, Aaliyah, TLC, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Justin Timberlake and now Bruno Mars. “I have always learned dances from Michael and Janet and Aaliyah and Nsync. I still remember most of the dances I used to learn as a young child.” Chadet has always seen herself in the spot light. She would write little sit-coms for her and her siblings and they would all act it out in their living room for their mother and father. “My parents have always been very encouraging about the arts and being successful at it and very supportive.” So when Chadet moved to Orlando, Florida, where her father was currently managing and producing for an upcoming sensation Treal, she said Orlando is where she wanted to go to further her career.
The performer’s career as a music artist was brought to a hault while attending the University of Central Florida because of her involvement in dance teams, which ended up leading to some success. She made three appearances on BET’s 106th and Park with two different dance teams at different times,( Rukus and later DWEEBS) and one appearance on BET’s spring bling’s “revamped” show, being part of the winning team. “In college I did more dancing than actual theatre. I did a few one-act plays, but no mainstage. I didn’t even audition for any plays until my junior year there.” After graduating in 2009 with a BA degree in theatre, Chaddy told herself it was time. “I left my current dance team, DWEEBS which was so hard, but it was worth it."
Chaddy’s style is hard to explain. “I tried to do r & b for the longest. But something was missing. Thus the “poppish-rockish” was formed, with hints of R&B and Hip hop.” Chaddy fuses these poppish-rockish sounds with choreography, which puts a different twist on this style of music. “I love dancing, so I needed to find a way to still incorporate that with my music. There is still a lot of fine-tuning to be done, but I’m getting closer to what I want.”
Chaddy Boom will not stop at just music, she still has her love for acting. “I decided to do music first because I need to do it while I am still young, but eventually I want to do my acting on the big screen. It will happen, and I am ready when the time comes!”
Currently Chaddy Boom can be found performing throughout shows in Orlando and outer cities. Look for her, coming to a stage near you. It’s Chaddy B to the Boom!!