Chad Gibbs

Chad Gibbs

 Lebanon, New Hampshire, USA

With the lyrical styling of John Denver and a comparable voice to James Taylor, Chad Gibbs has an undeniable talent that keeps his fans coming back. With many influences which span generations, he is able to please crowds of all ages.


Chad Gibbs has had many learning experiences in his music career; and throughout the years has had many successes. However, it has only been in the past few years were Chad has been able to truly shine. He got his start at local open mic nights and made many friends along the way. It wasn't untill his voice teacher introduced him to a young man who had a dream of winning Nashville Stars. He needed a song, a country song, an original piece which he could use on the show. Where Chad's forte is not country music, he excepted the job. Chad had also been asked for a long time to write a country song for his grandfather. He then knew exactly what to write about. Chad's song "Cowboy Song" was written with the inspiration of his grandfather, for the young man destined to be a country singer. You can find Chad at local venues performing his own (non-country) version of "Cowboy Song" in loving memory of his late grandfather.


Where the album is a work in progress, here is a title list of Chad's original music.

"Life's Too Short"
"Alaskan Sky"
"Last 20"
"Rusted Strings"
"Scent of A Woman"
"Private Club"
"Cowboy Song"
"It's Never Goodbye"