Chad Hailey

Chad Hailey


I am a passionate singer who has been given the gift of songwriting for the sole purpose of glorifying my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I compose powerful songs that are divinely inspired and create a sound that is original yet undeniably familiar.


My life started on March 6th of 2002. It was early that morning when I submitted my life to Christ. Instantly, God began to work in my heart to help me realize that the life I had without him was sinful and lonely. I decided to leave my band, dirtyhelen, despite the fact that we were working on national tours and building our own recording/rehearsal studio. I didn't completely understand why I was leaving, but I knew in my heart that God wanted me to remove myself from the life that I was living; so with very little explanation to my friends and family, I left. I left my band, and the music that I played and loved all behind me. I put my instruments down and decided that I needed to spend time pursuing Christ rather than the world.

I spent two years seeking God, learning about the Bible and Jesus, and exploring a Godly relationship with the woman who would become my wife. Immediately after our wedding, Kenalea and I moved to Japan to pursue a job opportunity. There, we found ourselves exploring all kinds of new ground in our lives -- marriage, jobs, a foreign country, and so much more. God had definitely infiltrated us as we had to seek him constantly for counsel and support. I definitely felt that he responded when just over two years after he asked me to put my instruments down to pursue him, he asked me to pick my guitar up again to glorify him. In my enlightened ignorance, I knew nothing better than to follow him, so that's what I did. I found that as I responded to God, he continued to bless me even more with music and ministry. I began writing in my journal as an avenue of praise and God started forming lyrics from my writings. Melodies followed, and before I knew it, I had written a dozen songs of praise for my King who is so amazingly merciful that he would deliver me from myself and into a loving relationship with him.

Upon my return to the US in 2007, I immediately began writing music with some old friends and continuing my pursuit of God's will for me. In the midst of my writings, God gave me a revelation that the opportunities that would be presented to me would lead to a ministry not yet imagined by me. I affectionately gave that idea a name: The Post Tokyo Parade. To me, all the music that pours out of me is a celebration of God's work in me and my life. It just so happens that, my experiences in Japan were the springboard, so I celebrate all that has happened since then! My prayer now is that God would continue to use this band as a conduit for song and praise; that we would be a light to help the lost; but most importantly that we would glorify God with all that we do.


Take it All

Written By: Chad Hailey

The day will come when all this world will melt away,
and True Love is all that will remain.
I, for one, don't want to end up in that place
where I cannot share in Your amazing grace
Everything you give me is more than I deserve, but I'd throw it all away to find your heaven here on Earth

So take it all
All I am is yours
Everything I have
And everything I am
Take it all

You used to say that lose my life, I'd find new life with you
I got so confused
Then all at once it hit me right between the eyes
That my heart was buried with a thousand lies
So I commit myself to do what you have willed, here I am, let me be in you fulfilled


Take my arms, Take my legs
Please don't make, Make me beg
Take my heart, take my soul
Take my life, take control
It's all for you, It's all for you
It's all for you, It's all for you

(Repeat Chorus)


Written By: Chadwick Hailey

You are the way that makes me feel ok
The truth is that every time I close my eyes I see your light.

And feel the earth and feel the sky
and feel the stars is both our eyes
we want the same thing no surprise
Won't let this moment pass us by
so take my hand and we'll head long
and I'll write you all my best love songs

Walking barefoot in the snow
you're everywhere I want to go
The only time I feel alive
Your book of love is open wide

To feel the earth and feel the sky
and feel the stars in both our eyes
we want the same thing no surprise
won't let this moment pass us by
so take my hand and we'll head long
and I'll write you all my best love songs

Everybody wants to feel a thing
like what you and I got
and all it takes is love

Set List

Since I am starting my musical journey, my setlist is a combination of originals and covers. I can play a 60 minute set of originals and about 40 minutes of covers as well.

My Originals:
Like You Do
Open My Eyes
Take It All
We Love You
Brought to Life
Where Are You Now?

The Covers:
Drift Away by Dobie Gray
Ants Marching by Dave Matthews Band
Anna Begins by Counting Crows
For Me It's You by Train
Fix You by Coldplay
High and Dry - Radiohead
Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead
My Stupid Mouth - John Mayer
Dreaming with a Broken Heart - John Mayer
Nothing Left to Lose - Mat Kearney
Boston - Augustana
Over My Head - The Fray