Chad Kichula

Chad Kichula

 Regina, Saskatchewan, CAN

A combustible mix of blue-collar rock and Americana. It's Cash swinging his hammer, as Springsteen leans on the throttle.


Chad Kichula Artist Biography

In order to succeed at anything in life it takes dedication and sacrifice—singer/songwriter Chad Kichula knows this first hand. He works full-time cutting and pruning trees by day as the owner of a forestry company and spends nights cutting soul stirring tracks.

It took awhile for Chad to learn to balance his passion with what pays the bills. Having written and recorded music since 1999, it was not until Chad sold his truck in 2005 to pay for his debut album, that he was able to get his music out to the masses. Chad’s self titled debut was an Americana/Roots-Rock album that showcased his development as a songwriter. Songs like "Sierra Leone” showed he could craft lyrics and tell a story—just as his inspirations Springsteen and Earle had.

In 2007, Chad went back into the studio to record a three song EP entitled Better in the Morning. Released later that same year, it featured acoustic compositions which Chad had honed by playing on the road. The debut single off of the EP, “Never Seen the Ocean” made some noise on West Coast radio but not nearly as much as Chad had hoped.

Chad used that minor success as inspiration for his follow up three-song EP titled World Shaker. The title track from the EP was written while Chad watched one of his favorite films, Cool Hand Luke.”I really wrote the whole song as I watched the movie. It might be still my strongest song. The lyrics fit the storyline nicely I think. It's a little of myself in there too,” he says. “I'm an aging free spirit too I guess.” World Shaker had a perfect mix of Folk, Blues and Country and exemplified Chad's influence from albums like Bruce Springsteen’s 1982 album, Nebraska. “The characters and stories in Nebraska go right to the heart and soul of who we all are. People doing the best they can with what they have. Some just have a tougher time than others and some aren't meant to succeed at all.” The two other tracks on World Shaker, "Another Love" and "Gotta' Hold on Me" displayed Chad's variety in style and lyrical craft all within their catchy acoustic rifts.

2007 was a great year for Chad because that was also the time that he hooked up with his band, Douglas Avenue Garage Band. Chad had been playing with bassist Phil Legrand since 2004 and drummer Nat Bowen since 2006 but the band solidified in 2007 when guitarist Matt Kaip and Suzanne Parovsky (violin/viola) came on board.

By early 2008 Chad's head was flooded with fresh material. It had been three years since his last full-length album release and time had come to set down the chainsaw and head back into the studio. The result would be Runners in the Night. Released in early 2009, it contained a mix of new material and cuts off the EP World Shaker. Runners in the Night was a collision of emotion and energy molded perfectly together in a tapestry of tales about the working class. In songs such as “Restless Man” and “Crying in the Rain”, Springsteen's influence on Kichula shines through yet again. The title song shows just how refined Chad's storytelling had become. “I guess it is people trying to do their best against the odds that inspires me,” says Chad. “The human spirit that seems to rise above the darkness that tries to envelop them.”

After another lengthy break Chad came back with “Killer” in early January. Recording of the song began within weeks of the release of Runners, but it would take almost two years to complete. Choosing not to record in a studio, Chad and his co-producer Matt Kaip (Chad Kichula, and Better in the Morning) removed restrictions allowing them to experiment a lot. The result of which, captures raw performances and their most creative productions.

Chad’s next album, A Fire also finds him tackling unfamiliar territory lyrically. “I’ve written about almost everything and everyone except myself and my blue collar life,” he says. “This next record is about just that.” Fans can currently check out a preview of one of the tracks ("Supposed to Be") at

Although Chad is still working a very physical and demanding job to support his music he is not complaining. It seems like a way of life after all these years—the working side and the creative side combining to make the best artist possible.


World Shaker

Written By: Chad Kichula

Always followed my heart, always led me stray. Felt the world was made to twist and turn to go my own way. A reckless boy, my Momma's favorite child. Well I broke her heart so many times, she just got old and died. Oh I'm a reckless man. Oh I'm a World Shaker ya. Crystal blue eyes, you never seen a pair like mine. A wink and a smile could get you in and out in the nick of time. But time goes by, you lose your precious charms with age. Now I can't seem to hold my own on this same troubled stage. Oh, I'm a wanted man. Oh, I'm a World Shaker ya. Well i work fourteen hours on a southern road gang, in the heat of the day. At night I lie awake and wonder how I can wink ten years away. Bosses all around me, trying to break my spirit, trying to keep me down. Well, I'd rather die young than be old, beaten and rolled into the ground. Oh, I'm a World Shaker ya. Oh, I'm a World Shaker ya. I felt the cold bullet pierce my side. Felt my legs get weak,as my veins bleed dry. Always met my troubles head on, so i guess it was a matter of time. If I'm going to meet the devil today boys, it's going to be with a smile. Oh, I'm a dying man. Oh, I'm a World Shaker ya. Oh, I'm World Shaker ya
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Restless Man

Written By: Chad Kichula

Take this letter put it in your pocket.
Don’t you read it darling until I’m further up the road.
You may not understand it, but I hope someday you’ll forgive.
And know that for a man like me this was no way to live.

You tried to tame what couldn’t be tamed.
And in me I tried to chain what couldn’t be chained.
I know this burden on you has taken its toll.
And I was born with a restless soul.

No sense in reasoning with what can’t be reasoned.
It’s this wound that I made that just keeps on bleeding.
I could never love you the way you cared for me.
I always had two feet on the floor but my heart was never free.

You tried to tame what couldn’t be tamed.
And in me I tried to chain what couldn’t be chained.
Now I’m idling my truck on this desert road.
With no where’s for the restless to go.

The world’s not a safe as it was in my traveling days.
There’s killers on the highways and thieves on the trains.
When I travel at night I try not to look into the devil’s eyes.
Believing that he’s in every headlight that travels by.

The world tries to tame what can’t be tamed.
And me I won’t chain what can’t be chained.
Now mister you may not understand.
But then you’re not a Restless Man.


A FIRE May 15, 2012

KILLER Jan 18th, 2011

RUNNERS IN THE NIGHT February 1st, 2009

WORLD SHAKER July 30, 2008 release

BETTER IN THE MORNIN' 2007 release.

CHAD KICHULA released on Redwater Records October 2005

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