Chad Knight

Chad Knight

 Kirkland, Washington, USA

The music is very thick, bold, and personal, and the singer/songwriter's ability to combine many genres of alternative rock, folk, reggae, and hip-hop are pure talent.


Born in 1982, and raised a native of Laurel, Mississippi, Chad Knight always dreamed of becoming a
singer. He took guitar lessons at the age of 16, and never took chorus or show choir. After starting out
shy at West Jones High School, Knight didn’t reveal his hidden talent until he was 18, his senior year
when his first band took third place in the talent show in 2001. The time is now and Knight is living his
dream. It all started after graduating Jones County Junior College, Chad broke away from the band scene
to begin a solo career in 2003. He got together with some of his favorite musicians to start recording his
music. Knight’s music is a blend of many influences creating a fresh, grunge-punk sound with pop-catchy
vocals, and a love for reggae music. Having more control over the music, Chad writes his music to attract
people of all ages, high school students, college kids and adults. Knight does not limit his audience. It is
very easy to understand, the inspiration for his music comes from personal life experiences and lessons
gleaned from the lives of others. Knight also takes individual stories from friends and fans, and writes
songs for them. Being different from other artists, he also likes doing collaborations with other artists and
trying new things with different genres. Knight finds his music to be an outlet of expression. Some of his
musical influences include Sublime, Everclear, Slightly Stoopid, Jimmie's Chicken Shack, Bush, etc.
Summer of 2003, Chad shopped around his first demo release entitled "That Other Life EP" for booking
venues and night clubs. Then he started back playing shows with some of the locals around the area to
promote his music. Wanting to turn his dream into real life, Chad was determined to be heard. Knight
plays both acoustic shows and full band shows. In fall 2004, Knight’s first album “Forget About the Bad
Things,” a second album, “From A New Window,” in 2006, and a third album, “Seems Like a Lifetime” the
next summer of 2007. In between albums, Knight and his band traveled the states performing and
adjusting to life on the road. In the beginning of 2009, the fourth album "Acoustic & Friends," an all
acoustic CD, was released. In the summer of 2010, Knight surprisingly released “Songs From the Ocean
EP”, an all reggae/dub style CD. Chad now being well established, he re-locates out west to Seattle, WA
to give his music 100%. Towards the end of 2011, Knight releases “Shy Daydreamer EP” which will add
on to making great success in his music career. In addition, while touring and meeting new fans and
musicians, Chad has been non stop at his music, constantly writing and getting inspired. Chad does not
hesitate to approach any opportunity that comes his way. These include the Rock Star Casting Call
auditions, the Free Credit Score band search, American Idol Season 10 tryouts, and many others. And
so the saga continues...

“Every song tells a story” says Mark Black (Owner/Engineer at Riverside Studio in Moselle, MS)


Shy Daydreamer EP (2011)
Songs From the Ocean EP (2010)
Acoustic & Friends (2009)
Seems Like A Lifetime (2007)
From A New Window (2006)
Laurelpalooza 2005 Compilation CD (2005)
Forget About the Bad Things (2004)
Laurelpalooza 2004 Compilation CD (2004)
That Other Life EP (2003)

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