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I Went Back To Nashville

Written By: Chad Laughter

I was workin' my fingers to the bone

makin' steal ring and those rail ties moan

movin' 20,000 tons of mountain down the line

my fireman was castin' me the evil eye

for hollarin' and a yellin' when the steam went dry

and we were makin' our way to Memphis, Tennessee

and I was thinkin' of my wife in Nashville

feelin' bad about the way that I'd left home

wishin' that I could make it back in time

to put my girls to bed

and I'd forgotten what the hell was goin' on

I got a hundred reasons I should of stayed home

and one hundred and one if you count my bones

but those steal wheels draw a man like a siren's song

Like Casey Jones and the Cannonball

we were off like a shot in no time at all

but 281 had left a little late

and I was thinkin' about my life, in Nashville

feelin' bad about the way I'd raised my voice

wishin' that I could go back in time and kiss my girls goodbye

and I'd forgotten what the hell was goin' on

Around Dutchman's Curve was where we came to rest

That Deming light was burning in my chest

and the timbers and the fire and the steal was all around

by the time all the dust cleared from the land

she had done put those red roses in my hand

and I thought to myself this cannot be going on

And I closed my eyes and I went back to Nashville

And I hugged my girls when they came out the door

I told her that I loved her and that I would not let go

And I promised I wouldn't leave her anymore