Chad Lore

Chad Lore

 Casper, Wyoming, USA

Chad, also known as "Wyoming's one-man band" will surprise you with his uniqueness in every show and with every song. He is hard to classify because he pretty much does everything with his music, from acoustic folk to electric rock. If you are looking for a well-rounded musician, Chad's your man.


Since an early age Chad was involved with as many music programs in school and church as he could, and everybody around him could see not only that he was talented and unique, but also that his connection with the audience was out of the ordinary.

When he got to high school he went to Germany as an exchange student and ended up staying there for a while, busking his way around Europe. He met a great number of talented musicians and learned a lot of the techniques that he would later use when he returned to the US and made entertainment his sole career. He also lived some great experiences (good and not so good) that you can hear about in some of his lyrics.

When he returned home in Wyoming, he knew that music and entertainment were his true vocation so he set up a home studio and focused on building up an audience around the state. While he started only with a weekly show, the list of shows grew to where playing music became his full time job. He performs every type of show from bars to weddings, and for every type of audience, from a small family gathering to large conventions or festivals.

Chad’s live shows are like no show you have ever seen before. He will surprise you with unexpected elements, like his tap shoes or his bottle slide guitar playing. His music is highly improved by his uniqueness and originality, and his sense of humor will keep you interested and laughing in between songs. "I don't tell jokes. I just tell the truth and people can't believe it," he says.

While live music gives him the interaction with the public where he can exhibit his charisma and his wits, studio recording provides him with the opportunity to free his inspiration and experiment with diverse styles of music.

When he is recording his CDs he plays every instrument in every one of his songs confirming once again that he is a gifted musician. He writes songs depending on the feelings of the moment: acoustic ballads that talk about the past, rock songs that will make you dance or instrumental pieces that will inspire you.

He is such a complete artist that he is hard to categorize. But if you have to do it you can say that he is a singer/songwriter, folk/Americana troubadour with a lot of talent to share and a lot of stories to tell.


Whiskey Without You

Written By: Chad Lore

Whiskey and sunshine
makes for a good time,
pretty girl on my mind
how I wish she was mine.

Whiskey and clear skies,
red ants and deer flies,
play fresbee with cowpies,
how I miss her brown eyes.

Whiskey and sundown,
wish you were around.
I've searched but have not found,
my smile turns to a frown.

Whiskey and full moon,
my bottle's gone too soon,
I trip over dustbroom,
wish I was in your room.

Whiskey and sunshine
makes for a good time,
pretty girl on my mind,
how I wish she was mine.


Written By: Chad Lore

Woke up this morning and I went straight back to bed,
should have gone to work but I felt more like dreaming instead.
The first dream I had started out a little something like this,
a señorita with dark brown eyes and black hair gave me a kiss.
And she said shalalala....

Feeling pretty good, but you know to my surprise
she said, I´m just a dream so now I´ll have to say good'bye.
I awoke without my little lady by my side,
I went on back to dreaming hoping I might take her for a ride,
and I sang shalalala....

Started zapping through my dreams
like I had a couple extra to spare,
I looked to the East and looked to the West
but my little lady wasn´t there.
I dreamt of Jacks and quarterbacks
and punt returns for ninety yards,
still I couldn't find my queen of spades
deep down in my deck of cards.
And I sang shalalala....

I searched every nook and cranny deep inside my mind
still there wasn't any señorita I could find.
Slowly I awoke and guess who was lying there,
it was the señorita with dark brown eyes
and long black shiny hair.
And we sang shalalala....

Beggars Honeymoon

Written By: Chad Lore

There's slippery mountains in the Italian Alps,
there's sun and snow and heat
and tuna fish and olives to eat.
Fallen houses and roofs of stone caved in,
bedposts on doorways and boys and girls falling in,
stories and layers of trees fill the holes in the floor.

Imagine the view of the stars
through these walls in this bed. (x2)
She'll take your life in her hand and push it in. (x2)

Her beautiful thumb will take us around the world,
she dreams she could fly
if she tried I think she could.
She takes the water from the steep mountainside
and slides with the cascade down.
She rolls on the ground like a dog with a moth
and dries in the sun and forms into seeds for the meadows.
She grows in the dirt under each season that will pass
springing and turning her gut to the sky.
She screams and cries and laughs
and wets herself down and waters the soil
and comes and births the color of winter and day.
Thundersteps from the neighbors
digging holes in the floor.

As Fantastic as You

Written By: Chad Lore

Not even the sunshine, or a clear day in springtime
or a bodega of red wine could make me feel this fine.
Not even a rainbow or a beach in Mexico,
or a song on the radio,
could pick me up when I'm this low.

Not even twelve cold beers or champagne on New Year's,
or an Outback with five gears
could make me feel so down right dandy,
utterly excellent, wonderfully wunderbar,
unfathomably fantastic as you.

Not even Monday Night Football
or the first autumn snowfall,
or even Ed McMahon's phone call,
could make me feel this tall.


2001. New Year's Tea
2002. Birds on the Ground
2005. Love
2005. Squeaky Love
2009. High on the Hog
2010. Dumpster Dan (with Free Bier)

Set List

Length varies depending on needs. Anything in between 20 minutes to 2 hours per set depending on what type of gig.
Also variety of songs (both originals and covers) depending on situation (children gig, bar show, wedding...). Mostly originals but can play covers if requested or if needed for the occasion.