Chad Marvin

Chad Marvin


Chad Marvin is a Contemporary Christian Artist whose music has great depth. His lyrics reflect a world in which many believe in the existance of a Creator God but question His desire for a relationship with them. Chad's message is clear. "God is not distant. Go to Him as you are. It's a local call."


One cloudy fall day a worship leader picked himself up, dusted himself off and took a deep breath. Then, standing before his congregation, in an act of incredible courage, he confessed his addiction to alcohol. As he told the story about his years of struggles, the inability to stop on his own and how overwhelming the weight of his dark secret was, the Spirit of God filled the worship center. An entire church rose to its feet applauding. A flood of forgiveness swept across the stage. On that day there was no blame. There was only deliverance. All was out in the sunshine and healing would begin.

Chad Marvin was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan to David and Grace Marvin. He was a typical boy, active with his friends, his family's activities and playing drums. But in not-so-typical fashion, he was in and out of hospitals several times before the age of five not expected to come home. He did come home though and with every miracle it became more evident that God had something special in mind for him. He wrote his first song at the age of six. At the age of seven he made a decision to give his life to Christ and after that, dreamed of becoming a writer.

Chad recorded his first demo "Do Your Will" in Grand Rapids, and did solo touring to churches throughout the United States during his summers. While traveling he began auditioning for several record companies in Nashville. His auditions were well received as he began his new journey into the world of Contemporary Christian Music.

His next demo "I'll Follow You" earned him a second trip to Nashville where he met with record executives and music publishers from several more companies. After the meetings, Chad came home with a greater understanding of the recording industry and an even stronger commitment to pursue his hearts desire. Taking advice from those he met with in Nashville he formed his own record label Samuel Records.

Chad attended college at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan, majoring in vocal performance. While in school he worked for Peterson Lure Productions, a small outdoor production company, writing theme songs for their television shows which aired in Michigan and surrounding states. During that time Chad also worked with worship bands throughout the mid-west while performing with his own band "The Praise Connection". His first self-produced LP was called "Need Your Love". As he continued to perform, his honest, simple and from the heart music spread throughout the country winning the listening hearts of thousands. After "Need Your Love" more recordings followed.

1990: "Fishin' On My Mind"
2000: "Three Ships"
2002: "Worship At UBC"
2004: "Songs For His Praise"

Between 1990 and 2000 Chad worked more extensively at the local level, building worship teams and artistic venues for Michigan churches. In 1999 he moved to Boise, Idaho which he now calls home. In 2005 he began writing with Universal Nashville's Christian Division. He continues to record and do concerts in the US and around the world while bringing hope and healing to many through his story of addiction and recovery. To find out where Chad is now, click on the Tour Dates link.

When he's not on the road, Chad plays in coffee houses and various venues in and around the Boise area. His new album "Far Side Of The World" is now available for purchase online. You can see him on stage most Sundays at Second Baptist Church where he has been Worship Leader for the last five years. If you're in Boise, be sure to attend a service and say hi.


1986: "Pressing On"
1987: "Who’s Gonna Go"
1988: "Part Of My Heart"
1989: "Fishin' On My Mind"
2000: "Three Ships"
2002: "Worship At UBC"
2004: "Songs For His Praise"
2007: “Far Side Of The World”

Set List

Chad's set list typically consists of original songs from his recent and upcoming projects followed by a worship time including songs from Paul Baloche, Don Moen, Tommy Walker, Chris Rice and others. He includes some original worship songs as well.

His concert set lasts aproximately 2 hours with a 15 minute intermission. Sets for venues such as church services, coffee houses and smaller venues are taylored to fit the needs of the event.

For a detailed set list that will fit your needs please contact his label:

True North Music Group, Inc.
11938 W. Oneida Drive
Boise, Idaho 83709