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Ever wonder what'll happen if you mixed Ludacris, Ice Cube, and 2pac? C.H.A.D. The Change! The hot single "I'ma Take It" is on 18 FM radio stations and growing. Buzz Factor. "Song is hot!" - TJ Chapman


“Your stuff is different ain’t nobody doing what you doing”
– DJ Double 00 Key, Music Director of 104.9 WFXE-FM Columbus, GA

“It takes C.ourage H.eart A.nd D.edication to get through the C.haos H.avoc A.nd D.estruction,” replies the hip-hop artist and Detroit native, C.H.A.D. The Change, when asked the origin of his name. Hailing from the Motor City’s poverty-stricken eastside, it is easy to understand such reasoning and drive. Coming from an area where violence is routine as the sunrise and sunset, C.H.A.D. The Change was forced to persevere through different homes, violence, gangs, and drugs; hence the inspiration in his name.

Originally, he was a part of a hip hop group in Detroit. But after misfortunes and some members going to jail, he found it necessary to embark on his solo career. Today C.H.A.D. The Change is gaining a strong buzz with his new single, I’ma Take It. It is regularly playing on over 18 FM radio stations in 9 states and 2 countries. He is also on 13 internet radio stations. The single was produced by A&S productions out of Poland, Europe. Below are some responses after listening to C.H.A.D. The Change’s single “I’ma Take It”,

“Two thumbs up”
– DJ Brad of Legion Of Doom (LOD) Record Breakers

“Song is hot!”
– TJ Chapman of TJs DJs Record Pool

C.H.A.D. The Change works with many producers but his main production team is the platinum-selling, NuMusic. They have done majority of the production for his upcoming fall 2009 release. NuMusic has also collaborated with T.I., Young Jeezy, and Yung Joc, to name a few.

“C.H.A.D. is unlike anything I’ve ever heard. He's the next big artist. Some say he sounds like Ludacris, but really, he has all the ingredients to be the next 2pac.”
– Marcus “NuMusic” Stephens, producer of Yung Joc’s hit “Do Ya Bad”

C.H.A.D. The Change’s music is a breath of fresh air. It is rhythmically addictive and emotionally moving. He is commonly compared to rappers Ludacris, Ice Cube, and 2pac because of his creativity, flow, upfront delivery, and heart-felt lyrics. While these artists represent some characteristics of C.H.A.D. The Change, he is unique. He has his own brand of music. His sound has the ability to change the trend in hip hop music. C.H.A.D. The Change is also a singer, songwriter, and producer. Be on the look out for his dual release of C.ourage H.eart A.nd D.edication and C.haos H.avoc A.nd D.estruction Volume 2.


::: Single
I'ma Take It (2009)

::: Promo/Mixtapes
C.ourage H.eart A.nd D.edication vol 1
C.haos H.avoc A.nd D.estruction vol 1

::: Future Release
C.ourage H.eart A.nd D.edication vol 2
C.haos H.avoc A.nd D.estruction vol 2