Chad Valley

Chad Valley

 Oxford, England, GBR

Chad Valley builds his own tropical paradise with hazy samples and rich harmonies. It’s an elegant yet indulgent escape, evoking both a sense of nostalgia and conquest. Like the crystalline surface of the ocean, Hugo Manuel’s voice feels far away and expansive, yet intuitive and warm.


Chad Valley are the personal outpourings of one Hugo Manuel, the balearic inclined vocalist of the band Jonquil and one of the founders of Blessing Force, Oxford's very own in-sourced art collective. Taking a more electronic approach to sunset vibes, Hugo has made quite a splash this past summer. In his short 20 show career he's already played in Budapest, Belgrade and Istanbul. He's supported Amiina, The Mountain Goats and Oxford scene chums Foals and been on every blog you can think of from Gorilla vs. Bear to Pitchfork.


Chad Valley - Ensoniq Funk - EP

Ensoniq Funk has received radio play on BBC Radio 1 and East Village Radio. All EP tracks are streaming online, at various website.