Chad Watson

Chad Watson

Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2017
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"Feel Ferocious with Chad Watson's "Chad Chad Chad""

Residing in Los Angeles, CA, Chad Watson is making huge waves with his modern trap musical stylings. We're highly impressed with the level of expertise Chad maintains and is able to embed strongly within his music. Chad's sound is intense, so prepare yourself for an intensified rap production. As an artist who is able to read, write, and compose music entirely on his own, we're ultimately impressed with the abilities Chad is able to bring to the table as an artist, and especially how he uses such talents to craft his music in the best way possible. Chad Watson will make you feel like you're on top of the world with the atmospheric vibes his music embodies. His latest track, "Chad Chad Chad" will expel such a bold and ferocity!

Chad Watson knows how to curate a catchy and heavy-hitting rap track. "Chad Chad Chad" easily flows with its more intensified beat and creates a fierce atmosphere for any listener. You'll give a listen to "Chad Chad Chad" and feel a surge of confidence and energy. The lyricism on Chad Watson's end is absolutely memorable. Chad Watson knows what's trendy, and has produced a track that encompassed such vital Hip/Hop and Rap elements. As a musician who has many artistic capabilities, we know we wouldn't be disappointed with the overall execution of "Chad Chad Chad", and we can solidify that we were anything but disappointed! We know "Chad Chad Chad" will be the next trap record to make it on many listeners radars!

Check out Chad's single "Chad Chad Chad" here, as well as his exclusive interview with BuzzMusic below! - Buzz Music LA

"Who is Chad Watson"

Who Is Chad Watson?
Chad Watson is a Los Angeles native, who is not only a staunch hip-hop head but a classically trained musician. He’s a recording artist, songwriter, lyricist, and composer. His songs “Chad Chad Chad“, and “She Don’t Eff Wit Rappers” are steadily generating buzz. Chad has performed alongside acts like the Gutta Twins and Audiopush. Chad has opened for Dizzy Wright, Noa James, and even Yo Gotti.

From the outside looking in who is Chad Watson?

From the outside looking in, the artist Chad Watson is a confident, intense, go-getter that seems to never take no for an answer. What’s ironic, is the fact that those who know me personally, know that I am actually very sensitive about my crag craft.

What brought you to the music industry?

After growing up in the church, taking music theory and composition at a Music Conservatory, I began to dabble in writing. After seeing some success, I decided to take making my own music very seriously, and I began to release music nationally.

Tell us about your current project?

My current project is titled The Unimpressed Herbal. It is my second album. This time around, I wanted to push the envelope creatively, utilizing Melodies and vocal abilities I did not Kush on the first project. This gives my audience a more transparent glimpse into my personal side.

Do you have a favorite song from the project?

My favorite song from that project would have to be “Into Me”… It’s my first take on an R&B and soul track, so that is very close to my heart.

What do you want people to get from your music?

I want people to feel something from my music. Whether it’s good, bad, or just therapeutic… If my music and message can resonate with the least one listener. Then that’s all that matters to me.

Where can we find you online?

Find my content and upcoming projects on my Instagram at Chad.Watson - Hype Magazine

"Meet Chad Watson: the next lyricist out of LA"

If you like Maxo Kream, ScHoolboy Q, Andre 3000, and spacey, hard-hitting trap beats Baldwin Hills, LA rapper Chad Watson is the artist for you. Songs like "Chad Chad Chad", "She Don't Eff With Rappers" and "WOAH" offer the intricate, off-kilter flows that serve up a fresh plate of nostalgia for rap fans of any age.

Born David Watson, Chad grew up practically living in the church. He and his family would go to church three times a week and were very religious. As much as he loathed this experience as a kid, he began to appreciate what the church offered him as he grew older.

"I definitely value it for the structure that it gives me morally, and even the way I heard and experienced music," Watson said.

However, despite developing an appreciation for music at a young age, it wasn't until two and a half years ago that he started taking music seriously after going through some creative roadblocks.

"I hadn't any motivation to create or pursue anything musically. After dealing with this, which I believe many of us do, I found an inspiration to put myself in a more conducive energy. Once I was in a better space, I felt the drive to use my musical composition training and the lyrics and Melodies began to flow out," Watson explained.

After getting over these issues, Watson began dropping music and hasn't looked back since. His new project the unimpressible is meant to "push the envelope" and give his audience "an intimate and uninhibited glimpse into my otherwise mysterious persona".

Outside of music, Watson enjoys running, playing basketball, and even makes his own clothing with materials he finds in downtown LA.

" leather patches for customizing pieces, and I also make bracelets that I get complimented on quite often honestly," the rapper stated.

This Saturday, the young rapper is set to perform for Clubhouse in Las Vegas at the M Resort
Hotel and looks to release the visual for his track "Chuck Bass" on March 21st.

Stay tuned for new music, follow him on Instagram, and check out his work on Spotify below!

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"Chad Watson: New vibe, New perspective of Hip Hop, and New Flavor of the Genre"

Introducing Los Angeles’s artist Chad Watson, who isn’t just a constant hip hop enthusiast but a classically accomplished and qualified musician. He’s a recording artist, songwriter, rhymester, and originator. Chad has performed beside entertainers like the Gutta Twins and Audio push, and has opened for big names like Dizzy Wright, Noa James, and Yo Gotti.

Living in Los Angeles, CA, Chad Watson creates enormous impressions with his new trap melodic style. Many are vastly fascinated with the balanced knowledge Chad upholds and is gifted and can entrench firmly within his composition. Chad’s sound is powerful, so, prepare yourself for exaggerated rap and great musical production. As a performer who can recite, compose and arrange music completely individually, we’re immensely enthralled with the skills.

As a performer, and mainly how he practices such abilities to expertise his composition in the most refined technique imaginable, Chad Watson will brand and create a different way you feel.

The vibe is superb.

We had an opportunity to speak with the multi-talented artist and ask a couple of questions regarding his musical methods, journey, and the music industry.

We’re looking forward to what Chad provides for the new breed of artistry and new genres that have come full circle this year. Chad may be the one to look at this year.

What was the main influence when it comes to the start of your music career?

I would say the main influence at the start of my career would be the drive to create. Being naturally poetic, and having a musical background from the church, I drive to combine these things seamlessly. In the beginning it was the culmination of these efforts that was my muse.

Can you describe your tone or style when it comes to your music?

I would say that I do not need Lee fit in any category musically… If I had to somewhat describe my tone, it would be in the pocket on Mid to up-tempo tracks, with West Coast Ultra-Modern delivery.

Can you describe your tone or style when it comes to your music?

I would say that I do not need Lee fit in any category musically… If I had to somewhat describe my tone, it would be in the pocket on Mid to up-tempo tracks, with West Coast Ultra-Modern delivery.

What has your journey been like thus far in the industry? Any pros or cons?

My journey thus far in the industry has been that exactly, a journey… I am receiving accolades, and some of my flowers while I’m here though I am trusting the process and always anxious and hungry for the next step or a level. The pros are the highs, but the highs don’t come without the lows. The cons are many to be listed, but the best advice is to navigate them in a well measured manner.

Who would you most like to collaborate with and why?

I would most likely collaborate with the baby. That is not a co-sign of his artistry, as much as it is a business decision. Right now, arguably he’s one of the hottest rappers out so it would benefit me greatly to have a feature with him. If it were just a musical decision, I would collaborate with Andre 3000.

What message can listeners get from your music?

The message that I send, is from a place of authenticity. If it resonates with just one listener, then I feel like I’ve done my job or part. We all have dark times, but music can be therapeutic and the creation of such or listening to can be just the thing that helps you see the light.

What is your creative process like?

My creative process differs at times. For the most part, I like to zone out, and vibe to a particular song which helps the creative process. Other times I like to park my car somewhere while the sun sets and think about how I’m going to take over the world. - Femi Magazine

"Chad Watson Strives To Become A West Coast Legend"

live performances. With his brand of trap music, he has gained respect from some of the more prominent names in music. Also a published model, he has worked various local and international brands including the “Underrated” lifestyle brand.

2020 found Chad Watson staying busy with various releases including “Dvmn It”, “Chvd’s Way”, “B.D.E.” and others. With his growing buzz, he has appeared on various media platforms and has been featured on Afterbuzz TV, left unforgettable impressions in interviews with KCAA Radio, and DASH Radio, and has been featured in various publications. Never one to slack off, he looks to stay very active throughout 2021, and build on his brand.

Check out his latest single, “Chuck Bass Remix” below, and share with a friend. Follow @HypeOffLife on Twitter and Instagram for more content. - Hype Off Life Magazine


"She dont eff wit rappers" (2019)
"Chad Chad Chad"(2019)
"Gon' whip"(2019)
"Can't shyt get"(2019)
"Get That Cheese" (2019)
"Safe & sound"(2019)

"Chvds Way" (2020)
"Dvmn It" (2020)
"Confused" (2020)
"B.D.E" (2020) "WHOA" (2021) "Into Me"(2021)