Chadwick Bishop

Chadwick Bishop


We are definitely soul based with a touch of jazzy/r&b. Don't forget the hip hop drum beats to make your head bob.


We bring that soulvibe with a party flair. Our age group is 22-50 so our music bridges that age gap betwen the old school soul lover and the hip hop head.
Influences are the usual suspects Marvin, Stevie, Al Green, John Legend, Jamie Foxx, Rick James, etc.
We're different because the young cats have chops and the old cats have new age game.
I was in a club frustrated because I couldn't put the right band together and ...Wisdom Soul appeared out of the heavens above.


Who is Mr. Chadwick and Mr. Chadwick- Free?! are available at

Singles "Welcome Home" and "Someone Else" will be hitting radio in about 2 week. Yeah!!!!!!

Set List

Set list includes flipped versions of old school covers and todays top 40/R&B with ,of course, our originals thrown in the mix. It's like watching next years radio before you hear it.