Chad Wilson & The Change

Chad Wilson & The Change


Chad Wilson & The Change are a high energy modern country band mixed with a little flavor of America's Top 40. An eclectic mix of professional musicians and a style of their own. Booking Contact: Glenn @ Ted Russell Entertainment 615-291-9979


Chad Wilson was born in the rural town of Alexander City, Alabama. He got his start in music as a child performing gospel music with his parents all across the U.S. At the age of 4 he started piano lessons and by the time he was 11, he was traveling on the road as a drummer for the renowned “Johnson Quartet”.

“I didn’t pick up a guitar until I was 16 years old. It just came natural to me and it gave me more freedom as an entertainer. I remember sitting in my room with my brother playing the same three-chord song for hours and hours."

In 1999, Chad, with the support of his family and friends, made the decision to move to Nashville Tennessee. Within six months of moving to Nashville, he landed the lead singing roll of the very successful “Blackwater Band”. “I auditioned for the band in 1999 and was chosen for the lead singing part. I didn’t know until after I had gotten the gig that 63 other people auditioned. It was a great accomplishment.”

Chad Wilson was making a name for himself and landed a couple of prestigious gigs in the mean time. Playing at the Grand Ole’ Opry, he shared the stage with Country Artists such as Rascall Flatts, Clay Walker, and Joe Nichols, to name a few.

In 2001, he became a fixture in the duo “Steele-Wilson.” Joined by Holly Steele, he traveled the U.S. from top to bottom, side-to-side and regularly performing 2-3 nights a week in Nashville’s historic downtown district. “We had a ball playing downtown for so long. Holly had a great stage personality that kept me entertained, sometimes more than the people we were singing to! We had a lot of fun."

With a two year endeavor with the band “River Run," he found himself traveling all over the Southeast playing festivals, college towns, and night clubs from Texas to South Carolina. As a member of a vocal/harmony band, his talents were becoming even more well known in the industry as was the “River Run” band itself. This led up to the band recording their first CD in Nashville. During this time, Brent Lazenby was River Run's drummer. Chad and Brent became good friends and encouraged each other musically. Together they started Chad Wilson & The Change.

Chad recorded his first solo CD in 2004. With producer Roger Lewis and Skip Mitchell at the helm, an all-star lineup of musicians were brought in. The CD gathered great reviews from music critics in Nashville and across the Southeast. The debut cut “Somebody’s Somebody” began to get radio, TV and fan support throughout the Southeast. “The song ‘Somebody’s Somebody’ is such a passionate song that so many people can relate to. I knew there was something special about this song before I even recorded it. It was well written and related to stories in the news that were going on at the time. The song defined my ability not only to sing, but to sing about something I could put my heart into.”

“Music found me many years ago and hasn't let me go! I love music. I love taking the stage and sharing my gift with others. It's what I do and music fulfills my life. I don’t know what or who I would be without it. Music is my life and the stage is my home. "


Chad Wilson & The Change-Demo
Chad Wilson - The Half That Hurts

Radio Singles:
-"Somebody's Somebody"- 100.3 WKGA Kowaliga Counrty-Auburn, AL

Set List

Original Set (1 hour worth of material)
-"Somebody's Somebody"
-"Days Worth of Missin' You"
- "She'll Have You Back"
- "The Half That Hurts"
- "Tripple On The Double"
- "Car Wash Blues"
- "Momma's Little Boy"
- "Monday in Disguise"
- "I Believe It's Love"
- "Change My Mind"
- "Love Me If You Can"

Cover Songs Performed:(4 Hours worth of material)

-"Something Like That"-Tim McGraw
-"Watch The Wind Blow"- Tim McGraw
- "If That Ain't Country"- Anthony Smith
- " Love The One Your With"- C.S.N.Y.
- "Days Go Bye"- Keith Urban
- "Heaven"- Los Lonely Boys
- " Cool Change" - Little River Band
- " Anything But Mine"-Kenny Chesney
- "Walk Softly"- Kentucky Headhunters
- "Should Have Been A Cowboy"- Toby Keith
- "Ramblin' Man"- Allman Brothers
- "I'm Movin' On" -Rascall Flats
- "Whiskey River"- Willie Nelson
- "Paint Me A Birmingham"- Tracey Lawrence
- "Almost Home"- Craig Morgan
- "Walking In Memphis"-Lonestar
- "Honkey Tonk Women" - Stones
- "Wave On Wave"- Pat G