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"BLOG: Dutch answer to all the UK artists who are completely reinventing the mixture of Pop and Dubstep"

Today belongs to | CHAGALL

And the fact that we finally have a Dutch answer to all the UK artists who are completely reinventing the mixture of Pop and Dubstep from across the pond. My first introduction to Chagall’s music was the lovely By Your Side, but I love how her sound has been evolving since.

Only a snippet for now, but I can’t wait to hear the full version. For more on Chagall, visit her website. - Blog

"BLOG: When you leave, you take my breath away"

Basserk Records just sent over their latest release & I love it. These tracks are a lot softer than some previous releases & is flirting between dubstep & pop featuring the superb production skills from the Bronstibock boys & the dreamy vocals from Chagall.
Definitely something to checkout, specially if the label is giving away the release for free to their Facebook fans. - WeLikeItIndie

"OOR: James Blake mocht willen dat ie het nummer geschreven had."

Rob Stenders aan de dubstep krijgen? Dat is knap. Zangeres Chagall van den Berg lukte het. Althans, ze drapeert haar warme stem over de spannende mix van pop en dubstep waar het Amsterdamse electro-trio Bronstibock - Peter Rutten, Sanne Groeneveld and Adeiye Tjon - de laatste tijd mee experimenteert. Leidde tot wisselend resultaat. Tot nu dus. Bronstibock en Chagall zijn voor elkaar gemaakt, zo bewijst Breathe. Stel je voor: Sneaker Pimps of Hybrid aan de dubstep? Zo klinkt dat dus. Platenlabel Basserk blijft het resultaat stuurs pistolpop noemen. Mag, maar dubpop klinkt toch lekkerder. Op 3FM krijgen ze inmiddels geen genoeg meer van Breathe. En terecht. James Blake mocht willen dat ie het nummer geschreven had.



Bronstibock | Chagall - Breathe (2011)
3FM Serious Talent, Low Rotation airplay 3FM

Chagall - By Your Side (2010)
OST Tirza



The 23-years old Amsterdam-based singer-songwriter Chagall is not just making dubstep, or pop. No; she combines these influences and adds a good deal of her own raw soulful sound and lyrics. Chagalls songs are a powerful testimony of what moves her. Holland was surprised this summer by her song ‘Breathe’, recorded in cooperation with producers duo Bronstibock.
‘James Blake eat your heart out’ The Dutch pop magazine OOR wrote in its raving review of its catchy, modern dub-pop sound.
DJ Rob Stenders of 3FM radio couldn’t get enough of it, made her perform live in his program several times, and proclaimed Chagall ‘Serious Talent’.
Chagall: a frail, classy, blond lady with an unexpected love of glitters and glasses, and gifted with a voice that managed to warm up even the icy summer of 2011.
At this moment Chagall is into the final stage of recording her debut EP, released this fall, and started touring the country.

Chagall is inspired by the energy of the dubstep beats of Alex Clare, by the raw pop sound of Trixie Whitley and the soulful intensity of Donnie Hathaway. But the first song that gave her an audience had an intriguing, almost minimalistic acoustic sound . In 2010 this song ‘By Your Side’ was the title song for the acclaimed movie ‘Tirza’, nominated as the Dutch entry to the Oscars.

Beginning 2011 she decided to remix a number of her songs together with Bronstibock, adding dubstep beats.
Since May 2011 she is performing with guitarist Léon Palmen, culminating in Paradiso performances for the Amsterdam Singer-songwriter competition ‘Mooie Noten’.
This cooperation resulted in the formation of the Chagall band, adding Leonard Busselaar (keys) and Sander van Truijen (drums), that succeeds in playing live both the acoustic and electronic sounds of Chagall.