Chahut d'ruelle

Chahut d'ruelle

 Montréal, Quebec, CAN

We were all stranded in Montreal, one of us just had gotten back from Berlin, one from Lisbon, and another from Vancouver. At this point in time, the Montreal soil seemed to all of us a common haven. Phil Ouellet had composed, on the road, a couple of songs to fill his busking hat: a renegade lament, a bankrupt blues, a wine-thirsty ballad, a fed-up rock… overwhelmed with wanderlust, we gathered, and that’s when the ruckus started to resonate in the alleyway. The first audience was a neighbourh


After one year and a half of existence, Chahut druelle did more than a hundred concerts. They helped the Australian band The Barons of Tang become known in Quebec. They helped greatly put together the first Festival du folk sale in Saguenay, wich attracted thousands and they toured twice 2012 and 2013 in Quebec and the maritimes. Their second album "Droule le prlart" was launched the 26th of october at Divan orange in Montreal, and is available for streaming at
They are now starting in collaboration with other bands, a label on the model of a work-cooperative, to consolidate the "dirty-folk" scene in Montreal, and eventually export it.


Chahut d'ruelle-Heille Jacques! (2012)

1.Jacques 00:49
2.Sauve la graisse, les cretons brûlent 04:18
3.Last call pour l'avenir 05:25 ******
4.La poignée d'change 04:47 ******
5.Le diable 04:36
6.Mon curé 02:54
7.La bohémienne 04:47
8.Quitter l'île 05:47
9.La valse du nord 01:21