Some like to call us a jam band, but we find ourselves to be much more aggressive than most jam bands. The closest thing that comes to describing us is "Progressive Rock". Our music speaks clearly for itself.


Chaibaba knows how to put on a good performance, but they also explore the mysterious and hypnotic. Ketan's bass techniques often fulfill multiple roles, such as the illusion of synthesizers, rhythm guitar, or percussion. Vijay’s guitar sounds vary, from mellow chords, to chunky rhythms, to melodies that sound almost as if they’re being sung. The bass and guitar alternate, one leading while the other supports, and at other times they stand together. Dino’s drumming works hand-in-hand with Ketan’s bass, forming a solid rhythm section, which can be heavy, funky, or gentle, but always tight.
Before the trio formed, members Dino and Ketan had played together in various groups, such as the Pitt African Drumming Ensemble, Blindsight, and SYT. Vijay, who only occasionally jammed with his brother, Ketan, moved to Pittsburgh, in the fall of 1998. Three months later, the band was formed.
Since their conception, Chaibaba has played many venues, mostly in and around Pittsburgh. Their music appeals to a wide array of listeners, from fans of jazz, funk, and improv, to fans of progressive rock and metal.
Chaibaba’s music hints at unexplored realms of infinite possibilities and communicates more feeling than most contemporary popular music, even though their use of vocals is minimal. To just call these guys “rock” doesn’t do them justice. Chaibaba takes the listener on a sonic trip and brings them back transformed.


Chaibaba - "Slow Brewed"
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Set List

We usually play our own material(songs that are on the album and newer ones). Sometimes we'll play certain cover tunes. "Master of Puppets" and "Baba O'Reilly" are a couple of them.