Eclectic acoustic with folk and world influences - sometimes funny and sometimes sad - always original. The songs are written by Chaim, The band just got together a couple of months ago to record a demo of Chaim's songs, but has decided to stay together.


All of us have lived some. We range in age from around 4o around 80. We are a new band and haven't even decided on a name yet.


Frozen in Time

Written By: Chaim Bezalel

Like a deer frozen in the headlights,
Like a blizzard in the State of Maine,
Like Frosty the Snowman, Nanook of the North, or Rosebud from Citizen Kane,
Like an insect trapped in the amber, or a spaceman at the speed of light,
Never getting older as long as he remains in flight,

We are frozen in time, frozen in time,
As long as we're moving together we are frozen in time (repeat)

Well it doesn't take an Einstein to talk about relativity,
We're all relatin' with someone like the birds are relatin' to the bees.
Or maybe it's the birds relatin' with the birds and the bees relatin' with the bees,
Somehow I got a feelin' you could be relatin' with me.

We are frozen in time... (repeat)

Like old Ponce de Leon searching for the Fountain of Youth,
Would've saved himself a lot of time if he'd only known the truth,
That we're all getting older, some are getting wise to what is at the core,
Two bodies moving in space and time are what the matter and energy's for.

We are frozen in time... (repeat)

If I Could Turn it Around

Written By: Chaim Bezalel

If I could turn it around and see the other side,
I'm not so innocent, it's not so cut and dried.
If I could go back and see it from above,
I didn't know how to behave, I didn't know how to love.

Now the children are grown and there's no going back;
I gave what I could give and I'm sorry for the lack.
Please don't ask if I'd do it again,
I would change some things, but that wouldn't change the end.

I thought I could change it all,
But pride goes before a fall.

I was a spoiled child full of guile
Give me an inch and I'd take a mile.
I was so full of rage in an angry age,
I needed a soldier to help me wage my endless war.

I was cut down in my prime,
But the wounds do heal with time.

da da da da da ...

Life in the Slow Lane

Written By: Chaim Bezalel

Living incognito on our isle of bliss
Leaving all the world behind, can't it be like this?
The tide goes out and the tide comes in,
Apple tree blossoms and the summer begins.

That's life in the slow lane with you babe
That's life in the slow lane.
I'll live a lot longer with you babe.
I want to live a lot longer with you.

Do you want to read a while till we close our eyes?
We can talk tomorrow about our whats and whys.
The twilight goes on till almost midnight,
But we can turn out the lamp, are you sleepy now. Quite.

That's life in the slow lane ...

I've been around the world and I've been to London too.
The sunset in Jerusalem is really quite a view.
Sometimes I wake up and don't know where I'm at.
Some say that home is wherever you hang your hat.

That's life in the slow lane ...

I do not care for fortune or fame.
I do not care if they ever know my name.
I do not want to try any new toothpaste.
Living with anyone else would be a waste.

That's life in the slow lane ...

I Don't Sing for Money

Written By: Chaim Bezalel

I don’t sing for money, that’s not my gig
Throw some coins in the jukebox if that’s what you dig
I ain’t no idol with perfect pitch
Ain’t got no pitchman to help me strike it rich.

I’m just a guy who sings for free
Still singing commercials from 1953
Oh no, here it comes again
They went out of business, I don’t know when

Ipana jingle

Don’t reach for your wallet, I don’t need your dough
All I want is to go bobobodiodoh.
And if you need me, tell you where I’m gonna be
Tin Pan Alley General Delivery.

I don’t sing for money, that’s not my gig
Throw some coins in the jukebox if that’s what you dig.

Haji Baba

Written By: Ken Spilke

Oh my darling, oh my bright and precious little jewel,
I have have my weight in gold but still I am your fool.
Let me take you to the Casbah, there my heart to rule.
Only hear me when I beg you do not be so cruel.

Haji Baba, Haji Baba, Haji Baba

Your the wind and I'm the sail; blow in my direction.
Let me peek beneath your veil, see all your perfection.
I may have some other wives, but you're my first selection.
Let me be your daddy, I will be your sole protection.

Haji Baba, Haji Baba, Haji Baba

Mr. Haji Baba, sir, please do not be offended,
We have been your faithful wives, and to your will we've bended,
But we feel that marriage should not be so open ended,
Till we see that to our needs you've also fully tended.

Haji Baba, Haji Baba, Haji Baba


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