CHAINDRIVEN was formed in 2002 in Santa Clarita, CA by Vocalist, Mando Medina; Guitarist, Dave Dzaich; Bassist, Scott Herron; and Drummer, Bob Slattery. The band was spawned when Scott and Dave decided to start a metal band. After a few false starts with various drummers, they found Bob. He had just recently returned from Europe, and fate had it that they would all cross paths. After months of auditioning vocalists, Mando joined the line up. He was fresh from his enlistment in the military, and he was offered the job right at the end of their first rehearsal together. At that point, they knew the combination of all four individuals had a certain raw magic. CHAINDRIVEN's first full length, self-titled CD was released in January 2008, and has just started to create some buzz in the music world. The band's hard-hitting, crunchy, driving sound has hailed venues such as The Whiskey-a-Go-Go, The Knitting Factory, and The Key Club among other legendary stops along the Sunset Strip and surrounding areas. Most recently, CHAINDRIVEN added a second guitarist, Chris Neil, to the line up. His personal style rounds out CHAINDRIVEN’s unique jaw-clenching sound. CHAINDRIVEN is currently working on their second album, continuing to gig, and enjoying every minute playing for their growing fan base.

CHAINDRIVEN was recently selected as the winner of 95.5 KLOS' Webstock: Battle of the Fans contest! For more information, and to check out their winning video, please go to:



CHAINDRIVEN - self titled

Set List

Area 51
Judgement Day
What is it?
Cover: Symphony of Destruction (Megadeth)
Electric Chair (Instramental)
B Dorian (Instramental)
No Will
Cover: Bark at the Moon (Ozzy Osbourne)

Sets usually last about 45 minutes