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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2007 | SELF

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2007
Band Metal Hard Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Details review by Broken Toy Entertainment"

The easiest way to explain "Details" is through blunt action and thoughtful speech. Chainfire, a 4 piece straight out of Saskatoon, SK have to what I personally feel, made an impact on the music scene here in Saskatoon. It's really hard to explain Chainfire, and I personally do mean really hard. Are they metal? Are they hard rock? "Details" explains everything inside it. It's a mixture of both. With songs like "Under Me" and "The Guiltless Naive" are definitely metal, where as "Hero For A Day" and "Details" are very much hard rock. It's a little mixture of column "a" and column "b".

The one song that sticks out in my mind is "Colours". It goes from a very thrashy Metallica sounding beat, to this extremely cut short, pull a gun on you and pull the trigger style "chuggy" first verse. Still, do this day, it turns my stomach because it's that crazy.

If you were going to try and honestly "label" Chainfire's release of "Details", the easiest way to explain what it sounds like is this: "Chainfire meets Metallica mixed with a twisted version of Seether with the craziest splash of Breaking Benjamin." To put it into my own personal words without losing your train of thought, "Details" is a unique, in its own category style CD.

What I will say to you about "Details": GET OFF YOUR ASS AND GO BUY THIS DISK!!!! You definitely, will not regret it!!

Jamie Boser – Owner/Entertainment Specialist – Broken Toy Entertainment Inc.

"Details review by Calvin Daniels"

This is a week for metal heads as you will see from the next two CDs. We start in Saskatoon, where yet another band is plying their trade, this time in the realm of metal-dom, a genre which today has spawned so many sub-genres it takes an expert in filing to figure out just where to slot a particular band.

Chainfire, in my mind comes at you with pretty straight forward metal. Think Metallica with a tad more edge in general.

The man behind Chainfire is Bradley Scrivener, guitarist, lead vocalist, and lyricist on the nine songs on this the bands debut CD effort. Now for a pet peeve, the rest of this four-piece power outfit are identified on the CD only by their first names only. It's too bad the other members aren't given a little more recognition than being Chris – drums, and so on.

One thing I do like about the package is a totally macabre and totally memorable piece of photo art on the back of the CD, of a girl with sad, bleeding eyes. It's a tad creepy, but it certainly catches attention and on a crowded CD rack in some music store that is essential. I might have suggested the piece be incorporated into the front of the CD.

Back to the music.
This is guitar-driven music, where a few times the music transcends the vocals, but they do a decent job, at least on the recording of keeping it balanced. I would fear live the voices would get totally lost behind a wall of guitars. Under Me is the cut that the band is pushing first as a single, although my fav is Laydown, and the seven-minute title cut is great. I love metal pieces that rumble on past three-minute radio-friendly song lengths.

If you are into metal check these guys out at

As a Saskatchewan band alone they deserve attention in any local metal collection, and frankly this CD is worth owning no matter where you hail from.

-- CALVIN DANIELS - Yorkton This Week newspaper Sept. 5, 2007

"Details review by Quentin Kalis"

Chainfire - _Details_
(Independent, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (7 out of 10)
Although Canadians Chainfire are clearly inspired by traditional heavy metal, they incorporate a slightly more modern sound, effectively adopting and adapting a loved sound for their own needs. This should not be confused with meaning that they use the rolling guitar tone, thrash melodies and hardcore rhythms beloved by much of the "modern metal" fraternity; merely that they possess a retro aspect, but without sounding as if they stepped out of the Eighties, totally bypassing any musical developments of the Nineties.

Although they are heavy metal based, they aren't shy to borrow from other genres, including some distinctly rock moments. The vocalist (clean, of course) could do with some extra training, but the raw talent is there; given time to practice and the backing of a label for any subsequent endeavours, he could provide a truly powerful voice. He is aware of his limitations, and despite frequent expectations of attempts to reach the higher octaves, this never materialises. The musicians are competent, although they could be tighter -- but again, that takes time.

Overall, the band seems to know what they want and possess sufficient confidence in their abilities to achieve their goals. However, some focus needs to be placed on packaging and promotion -- future band photos should not include the bassist wearing orange beanies, unless he has a perverse admiration for Fred Durst. If he does, this should be kept quiet, if he wishes to retain any sort of credibility!


(article submitted 15/8/2007) - COC - Chronicles Of Chaos


"Details" - Full length Album, Released January 20th,2007
"Under Me" - Music video released in May of 2008



Chainfire don’t get your attention. They grab it from your fucking throat.

There’s a reason that this commanding Saskatoon, Saskatchewan-based metal quartet is poised for dominance over the Canadian metal scene. Refusing to rest on their laurels and waiting for success to come to them, this bombastic outfit is in the trenches “grabbing” it for themselves. “Instead of dreaming and talking about it, we’re doing it,” says vocalist/guitarist Brad about Chainfire’s already-impressive career. Barely past their fifth anniversary, Brad, Chris, Dick and Jordan have already exceeded the seemingly-lofty goals of many peers including the release of independent full-length Details in January 2007, followed by a Canadian tour and music video for track “Under Me.”

With a sound comprised of blistering rhythms capped by guttural albeit melodic vocal melodies thrust forward by grinding bass and drums, the Chainfire style is muscular and brutish while still incredibly enticing. Twisting a diverse musical past together over a foundation of heavy metal, the inflections of many musical genres create a dynamic, forthright sound that is instantly unforgettable and original. Refusing to be pinned into one minute aspect of metal, Chainfire has created their own genre that perfectly encapsulates their direction.

Adding to Chainfire’s list of accomplishments, their performances across the Prairies have garnered the band endless airplay for “Lay Down & Under Me,” over two provinces, top honours and awards in a host of competitions and a ravenous fan base that is ever-growing. Dynamic and inventive while still clutching tightly onto unforgettable melodies and rhythms, the nine songs that comprise Details translate into boundless energy and restless ambition. Projecting on the future of Chainfire, Brad is characteristically blunt. “We’re not content with being only a Saskatoon band. All things considered we’ve made incredible strides and we’re happy with the success we’ve had but we’re not stopping here. We’re working harder then ever on every aspect of our music; pushing in forward furiously and relentlessly”

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