Chain Gang | The Pretenders Tribute
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Chain Gang | The Pretenders Tribute

Dallas, Texas, United States

Dallas, Texas, United States
Band Rock Classic Rock




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As a Pretenders Tribute band, Chain Gang seeks to reproduce, as faithfully as we can, the look, feel, and -- above all -- the SOUND of The Pretenders. From their earliest hits ("Brass in Pocket," "Kid") to their latest album ("Boots of Chinese Plastic"), our repertoire spans thirty years of iconic Pretenders Music.



CHAIN GANG | The Pretenders Tribute brings the energy and excitement of a live Pretenders concert performance to local audiences. Fronted by Kimm Friedemann (channeling the iconic Chrissie Hynde), CHAIN GANG delivers an engaging, hard-charging, crowd-pleasing concert experience ... wrapped up in a tight, polished, professional package.

The members of CHAIN GANG aren't as old as the original members of The Pretenders, but we're in the ballpark ... meaning that we came of age musically around the time The Pretenders broke on the world rock scene. The four of us come from different places, but our musical journeys all intersected during the 1980s in and around the Norman, Oklahoma music scene. We've been in bands forever, albeit not always with each other. (Between us, we’ve played with OSAGE, LOOSE CHANGE, PEARL, FINGERS, THE JETSONS, PHIL AND THE BLANKS, CITIZEN, THE NICKELS, and SPARKY & THE SPICE BOYS ... to name a few.)

Collectively, we represent nearly 150 years of up-on-the-stage-playing-in-bands experience. If the years have taught us anything, it’s how to gain a better understanding of The Pretenders: their music, their people, and their evolution as a band. (And – in the process – to better understand our own.)