Chain Reaction - A Tribute to Journey

Chain Reaction - A Tribute to Journey

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA
BandRockClassic Rock

If you're looking for the most AUTHENTIC (Steve Perry Era) Journey tribute in the country, there is no other choice. 'Chain Reaction - A Tribute to Journey' has Ryan Christopher, a dead-on Steve Perry impersonator that brings Journey 'back to life'! You can't miss this concert-level experience!


Chain Reaction - A Tribute to Journey began as a simple dare when lead singer, Ryan Christopher, was asked to sing a Journey song in a karaoke bar back in 2005. Much to his surprise, and to those in the club, he nailed 'Don't Stop Believing' and, for the first time in his life, had a standing ovation from singing karaoke.

Ryan Christopher decided to create a demo to shop around the Nashville area and recorded a handful of Journey tunes. His demo was picked up by some Clarksville, TN-based local musicians who confronted Ryan, auditioned him, and asked him to help them create a Journey tribute. Ryan had never been in a tribute and had to learn what it meant to replicate an artist.

Since the band's formation, in June 2006, they have been wowing audiences from small bars (approx. 25 people) to fairs and festivals with 22,000 in attendance. They are one of the few TRUE tributes in the country to one of the greatest classic rock bands in history, Journey! They continue to book shows in the fair and festival, casino, and corporate event markets and absolutely love what they do.

Take it from their fans and previous clients...

"...the best tribute band ever."

"...when I close my eyes I can't tell the difference."

"...I thought Journey was playing."

"...when I came around the corner, I was surprised to see that it wasn't a DJ playing Journey."

"...I thought it was the radio playing Journey."

Make no mistake, if you're looking for QUALITY... there's only ONE choice.

CHAIN REACTION - A Tribute to Journey


We are not an original band and therefore have no music for sale at this time. Any future sales will be original material and will, in no way, be affiliated with Journey.