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"To call the act indie or synth pop is to miss entirely the richness and depth of its music." - Westword, July 2007


"While tethered to a solid core of hook-laden, keyboard driven indie-rock, Chairlift opens its arms wide to encompass stabs of psychedelia and winsomely quirky, oh-so-slight vocals which evoke Kate Bush as much as Regina Spektor. The young trio knows how to skirt the edge of pretension with out falling over, and makes a chirpy, joyously brainy noise in the process." - The Onion, July 2007


"This Brooklyn-based threesome fishes the electro-laden 80's and the psychedelic acoustics of the '60s to 'update' their indie-folk. Originally from Boulder, Chairlift is fronted by haunted vocals and adorned with sweet synth keys." - This Week In Denver, July 2007

"2008: Bands to Watch"

Chairlift: Are we not looking hard enough in our local patch or is this really the only new American band that we're excited about? I happened upon these guys by accident, when I was browsing their merch table in Montreal this past October. Since then, their songs have become an important part of eleventy billion playlists with tunes that range from fucked up electronic noise to Sarah McLachlan outtakes. - Exitfare

"Something To Daydream To"

Here�s something to daydream to.

The band originally was formed in Boulder, CO, but now reside in Brooklyn. Between the efforts of Caroline Polachek and Aaron Pfenning, it really creates a vocal balance heard from such bands/influences as Rilo Kiley, or Earlimart (who the band seem to be big fans of). They think they sound like synthfolk popcorn. I see that.

Go see these kids when you have a chance, shows coming up in the next two months in a few select cities, Toronto included (check their myspace page for dates). And I think there are music videos on the way? Fingers crossed. - Indie Music Filter


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Reverb, 7/7
By The Denver Post Staff

Chairlift opened the show with a set that was as intoxicating as the band's folk-rooted pop is addictive.

The Boulder three-piece, with occasional subtle drum-machine backing, worked its delicate synth-and-guitar instrumentation into a delightful meld of indie rock and folk music that was a loose weave as opposed to a tight braid. The vocals and arrangements, heavily influenced by Rilo Kiley and other members of the indie elite, were exceptional.

The band is fronted by both Caroline Polachek and Aaron Pfenning. Caroline has a natural charisma and an adorable voice that captivates, woos and charms. Aaron is the Blake Sennet to her Jenny Lewis in this project, which seems to be more of an equal partnership than Rilo Kiley's songwriting dynamic.

And the music flowed naturally from these talented young songwriters, notably the excellent and college-radio-ready "Don't Give a Damn."

- Denver Post Staff


"Championed by MGMT, Chairlift are reminiscent of The Knife on charming pop oddity 'Evident Utensil' (a song about the joy of pencils, obviously) but they have a spooky Twin Peaks boogie side as well." - NME


"Daylight Savings" self-released EP, 2006
"Bruises" featured frequently on KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic
"Evident Utensil" play on

"Evident Utensil" 7" vinyl single w/ remix by MGMT November '07, Kanine Records

"Altar Ego" (debut full-length) out May '08 on Kanine Records



Chairlift is a Brooklyn-based experimental pop group on Kanine Records.

Chairlift consists of members Aaron Pfenning (songwriting/electronics/guitar), Caroline Polachek (songwriting/synthesizer), and Patrick Wimberly (drums/keyboard/production).

Chairlift formed initially as a project between Aaron Pfenning and Caroline Polachek at the University of Colorado in October 2005. The group intended to write and record background music for haunted houses.

Chairlift relocated to Williamsburg, Brooklyn in August 2006, where Patrick Wimberly joined the group. Chairlift signed to Kanine Records in June 2007.