Chairs in the Arno

Chairs in the Arno


We are a two piece synth-pop band with an affection for using dead and modern technology. Lyrics usually avoid dealing with important topics and focus on the details of modern boredom based life. Our goals are to get our songs stuck in your head the next day.


Jeff Excell, Jeff Knight and Ryan Fly snuck out of their dorm on occasion to drink wine while they studied abroad in Florence, Italy. One day, just down the hill from Piazza Michael Angelo, they consumed two or three boxes of wine and drunkenly threw their plastic chairs into the Arno River. In the commotion of high fives and broken Italian, they came up with the name Chairs in the Arno.

Stateside, Excell, Knight and Fly began fledgling experiments with old keyboards, scouring central California thrift stores for anything bearing the heralded "Casio" trademark before packing it up and moving North to the Napa valley. Chairs bonded as huge fans of Figurine, Barcelona, Grandaddy, and Casiotone for the Painfully Alone. Shortly after the Rentals broke up, Chairs took decisive action to record songs. The very first taped jam sessions amounted to horrific recordings of factory-set beats with three-tone variations, sounding like-uh, well, the term "electronic cavemen" comes to mind. Knight told Becca Hsu that they needed a keyboard player but tricked her into joining their band as a vocalist. In good humor, she did not run away. To seal the deal, all the band members moved into a house together and worked at the same coffee shop.

On a small tour through California with Megamoog and Program Names, Chairs stopped by Davis, CA. Excell thought it was the worst show ever and haphazardly handed a cdr wrapped in lined paper to Jenn de la Vega, who happened to be selling merchandise for Megamoog. Two years later, de la Vega reconnected with Excell and gleefully agreed to put out File Folder on Mushpot Records.

Several Moogs, a microKorg and an MC 505 open Chairs in the Arno's synth-poptastic debut album File Folder. Adorably layered guy/girl vocals from Excell and Hsu exude a degree of nerdiness over computer programming, Nintendo products and badminton. No longer "electronic cavemen" (and woman) -Chairs in the Arno delivers sunshiney fun IDM music.


sequencing anxiety

Written By: jeff excell

i just cant see this working out, you need convincing, you think theres nothing fun about sequence programming, and thats fine with me, we all need replacing,
sequencing anxiety, no more human mistakes, drum fills perfectly aligned, dont worry about me, i'll be fine i'll be fine.
now that we are all antiques, being replaced by machines, what fun is that what fun is that, will i have a robot cat, will i rust when it rains will i feel alive again.
sequencing anxiety, no more human mistakes, drum fills perfectly aligned, dont worry about me, i'll be fine i'll be fine.


"File Folder" LP (Mushpot Records)

Going for college radio adds 11/19/07
Full radio panel servicing and new media campaign underway.

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Set List

1. Size Thirty
2. I never Loved You Anyways
3. Popsicle
4. Suit Pressed
5. Sequencing Anxiety
6. Leonard Nemoy
7. Badminton
8. Input Delay
9. My Computer Friend

Sets can last up to 40 mins
We don't do covers