Conscious, funky, reggae, tribal, hip hop, grooves to move to.


Based out of New York, Chakra has taken a unique approach to creating modern music that not only makes you want to get up and dance but also uses principles of vibrational medicine to stimulate and tune the human energy system. Each song on the album correlates to a different Chakra/energy center on the body through its key, style, tone, and lyrics. Some songs blend Hip Hop, Reggae, and heavy percussion for a lower chakra song, while others blend soaring vocal harmonies, melodic guitars, and light percussion for a higher chakra. Known for there dynamic live performances which incorporate colored lighting, aromas, visual images, and live dancers Chakra is carving out a new direction in entertainment and healing


Feel Right

Written By: Micah Salaberrios

Im not one to lie waste time fill your ears with a bunch of bull because it just dont feel right. Im not gonna waste the truth manipulating acting fake , theres too much at stake and I, Im not gonna hate build walls and seperate from any of my extended family, no
Because it just dont feel right
Thats all i got so listen close to my most important advisor....Ill take a heavy dose of the most high, if its of the light I dont even ask why. Felt good from day one so if a storm comes you know ill still be groovin in the light. Seeking teachings, reaching for the meaning of this moment
listening to my intuitions wisdom to keep myself potent, High energy the only way to be for me, easier said more than done, indulgence is so fun, until the sun goes down and I realize I found conditioning they sold to keep hold of their gold while im pushing down my soul in a daily routine occupation........

Is that my Girl

Written By: Micah Salaberrios

Is that my girl over there
or is she just another one
that keeps passing me by
Dont know your name
or the color of your soul
all I know is that Id love to know you longer
than this moment in time
just to be alone ,
alone in your eyes
is all I need to know
Is that my girl over there
my roots woman
waiting for you
searching for you
dreaming of you
im looking for you

ta dow

Written By: Micah Salaberrios

I wake up every morning and I dont know why, seeking out a path not trying to tell a lie
Corrupted place we live in, need to give in to a state of grace is What I believe
Keep on moving everybodys pulsating 6 billion souls and what are they stating. Got to do what I came to do, create manifest and raise the vibration. Take a breath, lift the roof off look at the stars theyre not too far and well party tonight
Spread it all around get a mass enlightenment through every town. That likes this sound
We come to uplift your soul, captivate your brain, Dont worry were all up in control were all up in your veins
Relax were a whole so dont be ashamed I heard in here...Were all lame


Self titled Debut Album released 2005

Set List

Sets can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours.
We have about 20 songs tight plus a few improvisational pieces we like to throw in when the time us right. We like to make people dance but we have enough slower songs to do a mellow set if thats what a space or crowd requires.
Some covers we like to do are Summertime, A couple Bob Marley tunes, and some meters songs.