Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Recording artist and singer/songwriter in her own rights. Her mind blowing lyrics and soulful voice will make you pay attention. No regular love songs, confirmed with hit singles "Hello" and "Madd Love Spell". Gaining major international stir with producers worldwide. Listening to Chalese music will take you somewhere lyrically, melodically and spiritually. Available on iTunes.


Reggae recording artist and native of St.Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Chalese is no stranger to the radio waves, with her 2006 singles "Love Song", "I wanna know" and "Faith" featuring international reggae artist, Pressure Busspipe.  The melodic melodies and her strong, soulful sound caused much anticipation from fans for an album release. This singer-songwriter has returned to the reggae seen internationally,taking her craft to the top with her 2016 hits like "Hello" and "Rasta Love"... produced by Benn-I and Faya production of Groningen,Holland. Her 2017 release "Iron Gold" is an amazing song of resilience.. Listen to more music on soundcloud..


- Hello - Produced by Bennie Mellies (Benni Productions) and Faya Productions
- Rasta Love - Produced by Bennie Mellies of Benni Production
- Madd Love Spell Produced by Bennie Mellies (Benni Production) and Faya Production
- Iron Gold Produced by Mike Olive of V.I. Beats Production
- Faith ft. Pressure - Produced by A. Bertie Xperiment
- I wanna Know (Im Ready) - Produced by O. Hicks of Make Dah Music

Radio Play:

- Hello
- Rasta Love
- Madd Love Spell
- Iron Gold
- Faith ft. Pressure
- Love Song
-I Wanna Know (I'm Ready)

Set List

  • Hello
  • Iron Gold
  • Madd Love Spell
  • Rasta Love
  • No me without