Chalie MackmanSupreme

Chalie MackmanSupreme


Phenominal,inspirational, and motivational was what I was labeled, Too often in-between I've been called everything, We've come too far to turn back , It is written and our time is now, So hold on to my mack tale this is our dream, "World" may I present to you "Chalie MackMan Supreme"


Chalie MackmanSupreme
A.k.a Chalie Hustle

The coldest Mack set to conquer the entertainment scene………….the exceptionally multi talented singer, songwriter, and producer has restricted his lyrical genius to the deliverance of hustling prowess and the realities that only a true Mack can recite.

This cat was born abroad and has traveled to many parts of the world, this giving him
that extra edge to instigate a new sound of intensity that will add a new dimension to the science of Hip-Hop and R & B.

Chalie MackmanSupreme is the philosopher. Unplugged from the matrix & “way colder than Neo even though he has no limits”, guaranteed to take an audience into a state of thought, theory, and rhyme. No doubt about it “he’s that Mack that cats want to be like-that pimp that hoe’s want in they life-that hustla slash thug the type of cat that kids want to be like when they grow up.

“It is inevitable”, success being his fate; prepare yourself for a ThinLyne era, never to be forgotten.


I Noticed U Watching Me
I'm That Mack

Set List

I Noticed U Watching Me
I'm That Mack
Believe In Me
ThinLyne Party
It's My Turn