CHALK - Shane & Felix present: Two top Aussie blokes front this all live Australian rock band confronting the 'real' issues that matter for 4 - 8 year old kids. putting an end to musical mediocrity (for kids)


What is Chalk?

CHALK is an Adelaide-based band targeting children aged 4 – 8 years with original songs, live instruments and comedy giving them a true rock concert experience without the dangers of the mosh pit. CHALK is the only original indie/alternative band in Australia performing for this age group guaranteed not to annoy parents and older siblings!

Brief History

Since 1998, CHALK has performed extensively toured shows to primary schools as well as performances for corporate and public events throughout all Australian states and territories (except Queensland). To date (Oct. 2006), CHALK has performed over 1000 shows to an approximate audience of 300,000 people.

Musical styles and influences

CHALK is influenced by a wide range of contemporary artists including Frenzal Rhomb, The White Stripes, Peter Coombe, The Waifs, Henry Rollins, Tenacious D and other mainstream and alternative bands that children are already listening to. Styles are varied from Rock, Ska, Punk, Folk, Country, right through to Hip-Hop.


CHALK believes that children past junior primary school age have little access to music that both appeals to them and is appropriate to their age level. Once children have ‘grown out of’ bands such as the Wiggles and Hi 5, they have little other option than to turn to mainstream music which is aimed at the teenage and adult markets. CHALK’s music bridges the gap between these genres.

Chalk has developed a TV concept reflecting the postive messages, high energy and popularity of Chalk's music and stage show and is currently seeking a production partner.



Written By: Shane Heatlie, Felix Riley



I walk around the yard, I think I own it.
You are in my way, a fight about to pick
You don’t own the things I have watch your fingers bend
How come I’m feeling like, I ain’t got no friends.


Vocal 1 : I‘m the school yard bully
Vocal 2 : that’s what you get, when you are the, the school yard bully ( x3 )


You’re much smaller than me, I can push you around.
Give me all you money, or be knocked to the ground.
I don’t feel that good about myself, or things I can’t do.
Well kids think that I’m tough, when I push around you.



Listen! CHALK doesn’t like bullying. We think all bullies need to take a good hard look at them selves and come to the realisation that if you keep this sort of behaviour up, soon you won’t have anybody who really likes or trusts you anymore. So instead of using your energy to make people feel sad, go to the people who still like you and ask them ever so nicely to : buy you a guitar – SO YOU CAN LEARN TO ROCK.


CHORUS 2x to end


‘Chalk’ – Self titled debut album
CD - 16 tracks – Total playing time 38 mins (approx)
First released 1999 – Independent
Re-released on CHART record label 2001 – Distributed through WARNERS
Distributed through SHOCK 2002 - 2003

‘Are We There Yet? – The Very Best of Chalk Volume 1’
CD - 14 Tracks – Total playing time: 40:51
Released 2005 – Independent
Available on Ebay & point of sale

Set List

Typical performance duration for the target audience is 45 minute to 1 hour.

All original songs

What’s on TV?
Fast Food
Granny Warned Me
Worst Day of My Life
Regulation School Hat
The Job Song
Eyvonne Nibbles
Australian Outback
Three Kids in the Back Seat
The Hustle
Mrs. S
Mozzie Swat