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"@ The Triple"

"One of Richmond's finest, Chalkline Beauty opened, and the band sounded tight. You could draw comparisons to the Deftones or Killswitch Engage, but Rashad and the rest of the guys really hold their own when playing music. It's a treat to see a heavy band like Chalkline Beauty get melodic at times."
- Enrique of "The Triple"

"Walking The Line"

Walking the Line

Chalkline Beauty, a band who hails from the Commonwealth’s capitol city, combines their insatiable appetite for having a good time with the ability to play good music with a fresh sound and shockingly strong vocals. The band began with Rashad and Jeff hanging out in their Richmond apartment having a chill and mellow time, and consists of Rashad (vocals), Jeff (guitar), Chris (guitar), Joe (bass), and a new drummer, Adam Sowder.
Rashad, who sang previously in another band, grew weary and unhappy, and along with Jeff, decided to start a new band, Chalkline Beauty, whose music appeals to the metal and hardcore genre of Rock, and to people who are tired of the same shit on a different day, tired of listening to the radio, and who don’t fall into a particular crowd. That being said, Chalkline Beauty plays music straight up, without worrying about being stereotyped or criticized for having an open mind and doing what they want and enjoy: playing good music and having a great time while doing it. The band recorded their first demo in 2006, I am the Wolf, which is available via the bands Myspace page and by attending a show (which they highly suggest).
When asked to give any words of wisdom or if they had any philosophies, Jeff and Rashad gave two completely different words of advice, but at the same time they appeal to both fans and aspiring artists and ring loud and clear. Rashad said that one piece of advice he can offer to aspiring musicians is, “to be true to yourself in your musical endeavors, don’t conform to standards, be yourself, and do what you want and enjoy it”. Jeff on the other hand provided a piece of advice for the fans, “… if and when you do find that band you connect with and whose music appeals to you, stick with them and catch their show (s), but don’t leave after they are done performing, stick around and check out the other bands and show your support for us all. After all, we’re all the same, and we are all looking for that one big break.” Rashad also offered a piece of advice for the band, “… unplug the fucking radio and turn off Myspace and your damn computer and catch a show, get out there and experience music, don’t just sit back and expect it to move you”. These two pieces of advice serve to show and amplify the fact that Chalkline Beauty is about the music, and having a good time.
Chalkline Beauty, along with its new drummer, are looking forward to their new future, and hope to further develop their careers as musicians, and also hope to play more shows both locally and outside the Richmond area. They also hope to catch Adam up to speed, and record a new demo. This journalist wishes this band all the best, and can’t wait to catch the next Chalkline Beauty show, and firmly believes this band is a force to be reckoned with, and also a band that takes no prisoners and shows no mercy. For more information on the band and their music, visit their Myspace page at www. myspace. com/chalklinebeautyrva and for Christ’s sake get out there and catch a damn show, unplug the radio, support local music, and enjoy the music and the experience.

Zach Jefferies
June 20, 2008 - MusicRVA



- Check out the band if you like: Killswitch Engage, Lamb of God, Helmet, Shadows Fall

- Playing next: Saturday at Alley Katz and Jan. 23 at Nanci Raygun

- What's up: They are loud. They are heavy. They are in your face and they make no excuses.

The members of Chalkline Beauty rushed into McCormack's, 12 N. 18 St., on Sunday with Nisus, Something to Fight For and Stratia.

Chalkline Beauty packed the upper floor of the bar with fans enthralled by its intense stage presence.

Despite the cozy dimensions of the stage, the band members jumped around as if the venue were stadium-sized. Penn belted out a fierce growl as he rolled off stage and joined a mosh pit in the crowd.

Screams followed lullabies. Lullabies followed growls. Penn explored a variety of vocal effects without using an electronic vocal processor. He asked the crowd to come closer to the stage as he looked them in the eye and pushed his vocal cords to the limit.

Brinkley swung his hair violently as he applied a heavy hand to his guitar. In contrast, he pressed the expression pedal of his effects processor during peaceful melodies to add a serene ambience along with a destructive sound.

Whitehurst's demeanor remained unruffled as he provided a relentless firing of crunchy guitar. During relaxed portions of a song he applied light strumming over the strings. But even during fast-paced rhythms, he rocked back and forth calmly.

Nuttle bent over his bass and nodded as he thumped out bass lines that made the walls vibrate. He managed to leap across the stage without losing a single lick or dropping a melody.

Coughlin sent an array of percussion madness through the PA system. His precise double bass kicks on the set added a vigorous driving beat to the mix.

An explosion of hard-hitting sound coupled with tranquil melodies gives the group its unique sound. Nuttle said the group aims to create something fresh instead of trying to fit into a specific mold.

"We end up getting frustrated when we go to shows listening to some other bands that sound so homogenous," he said. "We kinda push ourselves to write stuff that's diverse and different. We definitely try to change things up."

Describe your sound.

"It's obviously loud and aggressive," Whitehurst said. "It has its pretty points, it has its ugly points." Nuttle said the band's sound is a mix of the heavy and the melodic. "A lot of bands are either heavy or light," he said, "and we throw it all together." Bands try to fit into one genre, Penn said, but Chalkline Beauty tries to blend multiple genres. "We fight for what we want the band to sound like," he said.

Why did you decide to call the band Chalkline Beauty?

Basically, my belief is that all the hot actresses are dead, like Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland," Penn said, adding that the band name was originally the name of a song inspired by such actresses. Nuttle said the combination of the words chalk line and beauty represents the pretty and the dark side of life, much like the band's music.

How would you respond to someone who said he or she did not like your music?

Nuttle said he would prefer to talk to people who have negative comments to find out how the group can improve its sound. "If it's somebody that I know, I'm gonna ask them why and that will just be fuel for us to work," he said.

What are your feelings toward the Richmond metal scene?

"There are a couple of bands that really try hard and that are really good and definitely have proven themselves," Nuttle said. "And there are a lot of other ones that seem to be jumping on the bandwagon." Penn said the scene is what you make it. "I think every band has the potential to be a big band as long as they put in the hard work and the effort to be a big band. You'll take the sacrifice to go out to shows and promote your band. Every band can step up the level. If you want your band to have a following it's up to you. "

- Richmond Times - Dispatch - Richmond, Va.


1st Self released Cd "I Am The Wolf" 2007

Streaming tracks on MySpace, ReverbNation & Facebook as well as local & regional college radio and local alternative mainstream rock stations.



Formed in Richmond, Virginia in 2003, chalklinebeauty was birthed of Rashad Penn (vocals) and Jeff Brinkley (guitar). Beer soaked & smoke injected, they inducted a drummer, bassist, and a second guitarist to help raise their newborn band. After the loss of their second guitarist, they put up a demo cd in a local music shop in hopes to recruit new blood. Chris Whitehurst (guitar) picked up the demo, grabbed an acoustic guitar and went to jam. After just thirty minutes – Chris was in. After a successful two-year run with one unreleased and two self-released CDs, chalklinebeauty decided to call it quits. Rashad and Chris decided to keep it moving, but in a different musical direction. In 2006 they got a new practice space, found another drummer and began to hammer out new material. Rashad enlisted the aid of Joe Moore (bass) whom he was familiar with from other Richmond-based bands. They chose to name the band “Ares Caress” and began to move forward only to have their drummer quit. Now under the new name, “The Red Hymnal” and with another new practice space, the band was soon playing shows all over the Richmond area. Although solid as a four-piece, their search for a second guitarist was proving to be fruitless. Jeff Brinkley, having fallen out of contact with Rashad, went to hear “The Red Hymnal” in October of 2006. After much coaxing, Rashad was finally able to convince Jeff to come out and jam - the search for their second guitarist was over. Thus began the re-birth of chalklinebeauty.

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