Chamber Soul

Chamber Soul

 Z├╝rich, Zurich, CHE

Chamber Soul is a modern pop/soul/jazz trio that uses the principles of classical chamber music to define how it presents its music. Intimate, compact and yet musically large with their well thought out arrangements, they create the most with small instrumentation. "The new Swiss jazz/soul hope!"


In a radical gesture of musical intimacy, Chamber Soul strips modern soul music down to its barest elements: one voice, one horn, one
string instrument. Using the vision of classical chamber music where a small group performs inside the close quarters of private salons,
Chamber Soul's music delivers this trio into the innermost chambers
of listening. The result is unexpectedly explosive. Straight from the
core of modern soul, Chamber Soul's dynamic grooves wrap around
your heart. Compact, yet emotionally complicated and playful, Chamber Soul offers a musical package where each song manages to hit
close to home.


2009 "Philadelphia Songs"
2007 "Chamber Soul EP"

Set List

For intimate rooms, we usually play about 1 hour and 20 minutes. . For larger crowds, we tend to play about 45 minutes.