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Lyrics derived from within the beat. I never know where the beat is going take me. Subjects vary, I'm not the typical mouth behind a mic, I'm a lyricist.


Ohio hip hop artist ChaMelodic started her musical journey at the age of 12 when her father brought a piano home one day. Adding some drums, karoake machine and her vocals was all it took to get hooked. Till this day she still is a Beat maker in the group Team BEATdown ,and Producer @ Hood 1st Productions. Her rhyming style and content creates a unique style by refusing to conform to any established genres and shows a true love for the art form. You can see the mission to bring back the ART OF STORY TELLING. The style is all original and each song originates from the BEAT.



Written By: ChaMelodic

The only one ta make my heart break
Then turn around and give me
Ya hard to keep,,,,,,
When all ya eva do is take
But baby You make me go ooo
Hard for me to open up my eyes
Cuz it's bright watching the sun rise
And when it rains OH
I'm so mesmerized
This breeze is easy
Takes me for a ride

And we floating
Above and beyond
Infinity is not too far from
Can we reach it
Everynite that seem to cum
Speechless but we know the roles huh

We in line for a good time
Satisfaction all thru
till the end of the ride
Somewhere in between there
I lost my eyes
In my head
I always need you by my side.
If that's not possible
i recreate my life,,,,,,,,,,
And show you again and again
what dejavu is like
What makes this soul sing and take flight?
What makes you do the things ya do
And things transpire?
Knowing I'm a live wire
Diffuse this bomb
From yourself drips the perspire
Keep it up
Bring me down
Till We retire
Innovation in this Love kingdom
Gives me patience
True wisdom from a victim
I know you dont understand
that needs some translatin
But you know what ya doin
To get these bodies celebrating
You got my mind body and soul

And I never get tired
Of the persistence
For instance
The incident
In the room off from the kitchen
Open or closed blinds
Get it done right
Anytime day or night
It's worth the thug in the fight
Thuggin with the lights
Off or on
Till we break the dawn
And do it all again when night come
You know I'd like some
But that's bout the time you find sumn else
To occupy your time
And I'm left with self
Singing these lines
For what my health?


Single: Evade on the Creative Minds Mixtape

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