Chamel Simmons

Chamel Simmons

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Crazy Talented, High energy, Crowd pleaser, Best of the Best, Legend in the making, Hard worker, Dedicated to my Artistry.


Music is a universal language that speaks fluently through any & every background, gender, nationality and orientation. My creation process is a diverse but sacred experience that allows me to capture and retranslate through song!

My motivations behind my ambitions go far beyond wealth, fame & glory. I labor for my family & loved ones. I fight for greater, I strive with perfection! I love whole heartedly, I pursue with passion. I stand for quality, I live to progress and I act with intention! I say what I mean, and I mean what I say!! I do unto others as I want done unto me. I give sincerely. I work to be the best and give my best in everything I do!

My goal is to create life changing, timeless music! I want the world to see and feel what I’m feelin in the moment! Every emotion that I’m experiencing, every struggle, every accomplishment, every victory, I want it to be a shared experience!! Like you were a part of the team from day one!! My music tells my story of hope, dreams, Faith, struggle, tribulations, growth, confidence, perseverance, uncut truth, most of all dedication & determination. This journey has been everything but easy. I believe anything worth having doesn’t come easy! Standin for what I believe in and fightin for what I know I deserve has been by far the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do! But it’s worth it! To be able to live each day knowin I’ve put my all into what I do is a feelin that can’t be described.

The greatest thrill for me is performin; it is my way of givin back to my audience everything they’ve givin me!! The love & sincerity I have for my music really comes through in my performance. I love watchin the reaction I see in an audience during my performance; to see that people are pleasantly surprised or in awe brings me the greatest joy. I aim for an audience to feel a sense of pride in me, confidence in my artistry, to see that they respect and admire me as an artist! I see my shows as an action packed movie, aiming to captivate and mesmerize my audience! When someone leaves my show, I want to leave them with the feeling that what they just experienced was personal, custom fit for them and what they are going through in life! They have to leave feelin empowered to take on & succeed in any & everything they decide or set as a goal in their life. Regardless of their circumstances or what their personal situation looks likes, I want them to have found the inner strength or whatever they need to push & go harder than they ever gone before! One of my dreams is to reach millions of people all around the world in hopes to bring about Unity, Love & Change. In my music I talk about different personal struggles and dealings with how to combat racism, how to approach forgiveness, hatred and many other things that takes place day to day. As individuals we are given labeled and characterized in groups & judged off the actions of others who look like us. I speak for those of us who want to be categorized by our individuality, our own character makeup, our individual actions and reflections of our hearts. I give glimpses into my world and how I had to handle these situations to better myself and not let the opposition get the victory. I stand in the gap of all my real people out there who know all about hard work and dedication. I speak for my people who refuse and will never sell out for a gimmick or quick fix to fame & fortune. I’m riding for, and with, all my folks who are in the grind for better; who truly believe and put in major work for their selves and dreams. It’s our time to shine and do what we do best. Keep it real and all the way raw. I am creating a legacy that promotes self worth, dedication, determination, education, and evolution of life. Imma spread it all over the globe!