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July 30th 1991 Was Born a lil Boy in Brighton the U.K.
Goes by the name '' Mosab Barnawi ''.

And for the first 3- 4 years of his life he lived in the U.k in two different cities with his mother and grandmother and sister, then in 1993-1994 he moved to Saudi Arabia - Yanbu With his Further as well . Through his life he has experienced different colcher's , and he was born and raised in different colcher's.

He at first started acting in a young age around when he was 8, and he used to participate in some school plays.

He first started in Rap, writing lyrics at age 13 but never thought it could go any where.

His First aka was '' TBS17 '' then '' TBS '' then '' Emsb '' then '' Youngg Soulja '' Then '' T-Bagg '' & Now '' Chamilli-Boy '' Never did stick with one..

His first song ever to be recorded was called '' Your world is mind '' when he was 14 with ghetto equipment with computer headphone , from there he knew that what he wanted to be a Rapper.

His influence where 2pac & Eminem but mostly eminem,
he use to listen to his song at first and didnt know how he was but liked his flow and style .

First song that he ever heard was '' Hit em Up '' By 2pac
Then after that he started to Go with Rap and for years.

And in late 2007 he started to make his own beats With '' FL Studio '' , He Writes and produces his own songs.
But he doesn't use his own beats all the time.
And now hes more in to Hip-Hop then he was in Rap Back long time ago..
His influence in Hip-Hop are Eminem, T.I , Gorilla Zoe And some others.


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