Toronto, Ontario, CAN

CHAMPION LOVER play loud noise punk to trip, fight, fuck, or cry to.


"Toronto band CHAMPION LOVER’s debut LP hisses with the same intensity as a pack of rattlesnakes, tails shaking like a pair of maracas on a vengeance." - DIY Magazine (England)

"If Children Collide, or Eagulls, reverted back to their original EP, and then got massacred in noise, they’d sound a lot like this stellar fucking album from Toronto’s Champion Lover. This album is slathered in genius, a triumph really." - Soundly Sounds (Australia)

"You might not need drugs listening to them because they are drug rock and will make you scrape your face-off." - Review Stalker (USA)

"Thundering drums, raw diy energy, cutting edge guitars and an aggressive vocal performer that feels like he’s re-located to another era and to be specific to the experimental rock years of the late ‘70s with a dose of the mid '80’s underground guitar music! Just think This Heat! jamming with Pixies, sounds cool doesn’t it? This is fiercely good!" - Sound Injections (Greece)

"Champion Lover got the evening started with one of the most blisteringly loud sets I’ve heard from an opening act.  Never heard their tunes before but they gave me a Mudhoney meets Motorhead vibe with a heavy not to early Sonic Youth, all winning points in my books.  For half an hour the four-piece beat out glorious noise that would have been enough for me to go home happy." - Live in Limbo (Canada) 


2014 - CHAMPION LOVER (self-titled LP)
2015 - Take One (EP)
2017 - Russian Prince (EP)