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"Eight Favorite Artists"

Real Detroit Weekly has selected our eight favorite artists to watch for... Val Hundreds and Moses Jackson do not mess around — they make you dance. Whether talking about the mythical beast of Dungeons & Dragons or the Nintendo Power Glove, the duo has been creating dance-friendly jams and the proof is in their 2008 record, Pleasure Mountain. Song You Want To Hear: “The Power of Glove” - Real Detroit Weekly

"Pleasure Mountain: 4/5 Stars"

Album Review: (****4/5 Stars) The music... is some of the most addictive electro-dance-pop you could imagine, with ‘80s soaked synth strings and wavy chimes, coaxing melodies that vroom around beautifully, with cheesy cymbal crashes and pulse-quickening beats. [The music] and the pop structures, the buzzy goodness of their electro-free-for-all, still holds up as quite an enjoyable record. - Real Detroit Weekly

"Champions of Breakfast Take it to the Stage"

With purple sparkle pants, mustaches to rival Burt Reynolds and a song about Dungeons and Dragons, Champions was hard to top. The duo, Val Hundreds and Moses Jackson, use constructed instruments on stage, including a “guitar” that is at least 6-feet long and made with a thin piece of wood and paper. They write songs about things they are interested in and are serious about what they do. - - Lansing City Pulse

"New Music Spotlight: Champions of Breakfast"

Techno pop isn't dead. It's alive in the Motor City and this band - which sounds like it's cut right from the '80s - is coming to Lansing. Their sound is experimental and involves a lot of synthesized drums and things that light up. Check them out! - Lansing Noise

"DeepCutz: Champions of Breakfast"

What really gets the fists pumping are the beats and the infectious fun that roll out of Val Hundreds and Moses Jackson. "Pixelated Love Song" is a pun-drenched dance jam extolling the virtues and pitfalls of cyber-romance. On the jam, the Champs pull off everything the Electric Six and Dan Deacon might have done had they been locked in a cement room with spotty Internet, a pile of softcore porn, a drum machine and an analog synth. - MetroTimes Detroit

"Artists to Watch: Champions of Breakfast"

Songs about Nintendo’s ill-fated Power Glove that simultaneously reference “Super Tecmo Bowl” and Michael Jackson? Shit, son. Sign us up. Champions of Breakfast are the quintessential children of the ‘80s; the type of kids that are as fascinated with their new 160 gig iPods as they are with Hall & Oates, Unicorns, and watching clips of metal dweebs Manowar on YouTube. If shit was up to them, all instruments would be made out of cardboard, and we’d only speak in instant messenger abbreviations. OMG. LOLZ. Yr nu fave band - Detour Magazine

"Champions of Breakfast Rock The Firebird"

Arriving somewhere between the nerdy fanaticism of Dungeons & Dragons and the hyper-sexualized robo-boogie of Beck's Midnite Vultures, Detroit's Champions of Breakfast is one of the guiltiest pleasures around. Except... there isn't much to feel guilty about — it's all pleasure. Moses Jackson and Val Hundreds, the ostensible brains behind the operation, sport tight-fitting outfits as they lead crowds through shamelessly energetic sets of over-the-top electro-pop gems like "Nasty Bunnz" and "Unicorn Bible," which, in an alternate universe, would almost certainly be hits. Expect child-molester mustaches, Nintendo innuendos and sweaty dancing. -Todd Mackenzie - Riverfront Times, St. Louis

"Pleasure Mountain: The Post-Rockist Inter-Review"

Pleasure Mountain is a rip-roaring mock-epic thru vast tracks of electro-pop and pop-culture nostalgia. It’s a sexed-up celebration as horny as anything by Prince or Beck’s Midnite Vultures period. The band’s raucous live show consists of live vocals with the music played as backtracking. The band, consisting of members Val Hundreds and Moses Jackson, play makeshift instruments made of 2×4s and cardboard, designed to look like guitars or Moog keyboards.

...Quite simply, Champions of Breakfast are challenging the Romantic (with a capital “R,” mind you) ideal of music. Beethoven would be very aghast, would “roll over in his grave,” as the song goes, to hear CoB. But this is the next movement, the explosion of the cultural and creative modes that music used to stand by. Everything has been so manufactured by the culture industry so as to make most new music disingenuous–manufactured–and legitimate only in its state of manufacturedness. In many ways, Top 40 hits and new country music are far more destructive to Romantic conceptions of music than anything the CoB have done. If anything, CoB self-consciously challenge the themes of pop music–the fake instruments just call out the now infamous lip sync incident with Ashlee Simpson. Truly, Champions of Breakfast are post-modern music, using play, irony, and lunacy and passing it off as a serious art form of music, which indeed it is in our post-modern, post-industrial, post-humanist, post-deconstructionist, post-literary, post-rockist (if I might use the title of your so-called, somewhat mis-leading, and trite blog) world. -


Pleasure Mountain LP (2008)
Taming the Digital Frontier LP (2010)



Champions of Breakfast are an American electronic-pop duo from Detroit, MI. The band is one part punk rock, one part Brechtian showmanship, and one part red-hot dance party. Major influences include mythology of the middle-ages, the macabre, Glam Rock, music and technology of the early 1980s, and the collected works of Bertolt Brecht.

Forming in 2007, friends Val Hundreds and Moses Jackson quickly established themselves as the premier experimental synth pop group in southeast Michigan, sharing stages with acts as diverse as hip-hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa, Detroit garage legends The Hentchmen, Daedalus, Leslie and the LY’s, and many, many others. To capitalize on this momentum, the band released its first full-length, Pleasure Mountain, in March of 2008 to a deluge of regional critical acclaim.

Since then, the band has toured the Midwest, exciting key markets in Chicago, St. Louis, Nashville, Washington, DC, and New York City. With the record currently in its second pressing, having sold impressively in only 18 months due to word of mouth momentum from positive press and regional touring, the band is preparing to release its second full-length, Taming the Digital Frontier, in April 2010, accompanied by an all-out sonic assault on the American Midwest, unleashing a media-saturated live set that has clearly been forged from the hell-fires of the Wizard’s cauldron. It’s something you simply have to see to believe.