Imagine a well stocked kitchen (I'm talking EVERYTHING at your disposal:) Break beats of Beck, ethereal rapture of Radiohead, the fierce vocals of Trent, and "the stop on a dime and dowhateverifeellikedoing" confidence of David Bowie, and you are just about ready to step into Chance's world.


Chance is an independent solo artist based in Los Angeles, CA.
After leading the nationally signed act, Portable (Two nationally released CDs; National Tours, including Woodstock ’99), Chance began releasing his solo work in late 2004.

Fiercely independent, Chance writes, records, performs, produces and mixes most of his music in his apartment studio and has gained a worldwide reputation for his non-linear approach to the “Chance brand” of music.

Each song is released as individual singles:
Accompanying each release is a songwriting breakdown explained (the genesis), the fan fave “geek out” (you’ll know it when you see it) as well as starkly profound single art. After five singles, a compilation volume of those singles is released on CD (11-15 is the latest). Chance is also known for releasing covers as chosen by his fans, as well as alternate mixes of his tracks.

Chance has enjoyed the support of Podcasters & Independent Internet Radio stations from all over the world due in part to this independent spirit, as well as his eager availability to both his fans (known as the Friends of Chance) and the podcasting community.

During 2005, an early single, Say What You Will, spent one month at #1 in the country of Qatar, and a year in the #2 position on Since then, Chance has had multiple Top Tens on Qatar Alternative Rock Radio, which he merely explains as “the wonders of the Internet.”

In 2007, Chance’s song, Independent, was featured in a national commercial for Madden ’08 Football Game by EA Sports.

Chance performs his music live as Chance & the Choir, along with musicians, Adam Flanders (drums), Bob Vaughan (bass), Mike Zepol (guitar) & Steve Nicholas (guitar).

Anticipate the 4th Chance CD in mid to late 2008.

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Man on a Mission

Written By: Chance

I look like a man on a mission
I look like a man on attack
I put my tanks into position
All my guns go rat-a-tat tat!

Load up on all the ammunition
Shoot the bad guys as fast as you can
Look how they fall into submission
One by one, like a breeze in the summertime

It’s not what you did; it’s what you said
Little girl with an angel in her head
Feels good to believe you’re the sun
Oh, we go around you, when you’re the only one

Look how the enemy’s exploding
Look how the past comes alive
It tastes so good that I’m reloading
Grab on to something, and put me into overdrive
We turn the corner going faster
Don’t wanna jump? Just do it, let’s go!
Yo good and bad, get in the same line...
One by one, one by one!

It’s not what you did; it’s what you said
Little girl with an angel in her head
Feels good to believe you’re the sun
Oh, we go around you, when you’re the only one
Repeat! Repeat! Repeat!

Words by Chance.
©2006 Upside Down Left Handed Music (BMI).


Written By: Chance

Picture yourself in a lie-about corner with sun in your eyes
Everyone sees you and they want to smile
but they won’t

So you run over while screamin’ red rover; the wind in your hair
Hoping they’ll stop you and laugh for a while
but they don’t

No one even knows what’s happening

So many people look up to the steeple while holding their breath
Praying for rain that washes them when they confess

Fish out of water walks miles from the ocean to tell them the news
That all of this time, the water felt fine, but it’s just a clue (it's just a clue)

No one even knows what’s happening

I’ll take whatever you give me!
And I’ll make whatever I can!

Picture yourself at the top of the world
The sun in your eyes
They might not follow
I guess it’s ok if they don’t

©Chance (2008 Upside Down Left Handed Music BMI)


Chance: new CD out late November 2008
Chance: Eleven Through Fifteen (August 2006)
Chance: Six Through Ten (mid 2005)
Chance: The First Five Demos (late 2004)

Single: "Say What You Will"
#1 Radio hit in the country of Qatar
#2 Garageband for a year

Single: "Man on a Mission" & "Independent"
Top 5 Qatar Radio

Set List

Note: While we are an electric band, we are very capable of performing semi-acoustic or acoustic.
Our semi-acoustic set is very different and just as enjoyable for us.

45 minutes to an hour and fifteen, including:

Say What You Will
My Oh My
Percy's Song
Hip Hop High
Taste of the Good Life
Woke Up to Everything
Man on a Mission
Pause But Don't Stop
and the Milkshake Song
(plus many more)