Chance Fisher

Chance Fisher


We do what we feel, as we feel it. No two performances are alike, as each band member takes each song and warps it to say what they want it to say. We blend everything from the Beatles to the Wu-Tang in our quest for something new.


Chance Fisher began in 2002 in Hattiesburg Mississippi, and included two brothers, Judson and Joel, from Tupelo, and a sit in bass player. After a few months of playing open mics around town, Adam Kelly showed up and immediately made a vital musical impact on the band. The band began playing more gigs and spreading their love of music to all who would hear. After the first year, Adam, Joel, and Judson, felt as though something needed to change. A permanent bass player had to be solidified and Sam Adcock came in and filled this void. Sam's addition not only inspired the other members but also vaulted the band into another level with his musical knowledge and playing ability. These four musicians have been playing together for five years now and have grown together personally as well as professionally. The music itself reflects these close relationships, and exemplifies an understanding of music that surpasses many modern day rock bands.
Chance Fisher's immediate influences include The Beatles and Pink Floyd, but also extend to bands such as Medeski, Martin, and Wood, Ween, Radiohead, and many others. Each member brings a different musical background to the table which mixes to create a unique and creative sound. The band enjoys improvising and letting the music be their guide through rock n roll to funk, psychedelia, to bluegrass. The band thrives on its live performances and continues to play in ways that challenges not only its members, but its audiences as well. Chance Fisher has recently travelled to Colorado, and played in Denver, Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, and Green Mountain Falls. They have created a unique scene in the south of Mississippi that allows them to play alongside bands from other areas of the country. Bands have come from New Jersey, Colorado, and Alabama to play with these guys and more collaborations are certain. The band believes in a communal scene that offers original music to fans that are willing to come and support these ideals. Original music is a necessity, and writing and creating new music is the driving force that makes this clock tick.
Chance Fisher now has the nucleus that is needed to not only survive, but thrive on the road of music which has seen the demise of many of its peers. With four dedicated members Chance Fisher is looking to change the face of modern rock music, and make a positive impact on the music scene in general.


Nocturne Attics (2007)

Set List

Original Songs: Tax Dollars, Sarah Mundane, Camba, Anika's Brew, Call Back, Crepes and Bananas, Food, Sophia, and many, many more.

Covers: Ophelia (The Band), I'm So Tired (The Beatles), the entire album "The Bends" (Radiohead), Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Wu-Tang Clan), Where Is My Mind? (Pixies), Can't You Hear Me Knocking? (The Rolling Stones), and, again, many, many more.