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The only promise in life is death.

Rapper, writer, and radio personality, Chance, learned this first hand one Summer afternoon in 2008. Chance says he was headed to Trevor Park to smoke a blunt but before he made it one half of his face went numb. Figuring it was the intense heat he returned home to relax hoping the sensation would subside but it only got worse. When nausea, an intense headache and cold sweats set in, Chance knew something was seriously wrong.

After returning to his apartment, Chance says he found himself pacing back and forth unable to hold on to thoughts for more than a couple of seconds and became so confused he couldn’t even remember how to use a phone. Looking for help Chance made his way to the buildings lobby, unable to speak in full sentences, prompting security to put him in a taxi to the hospital.

By the time he made it to St. Johns Riverside Hospital, Chance was so “out of it” he was completely unaware of his surroundings and began to fight hospital staff attempting to assist him. One doctor says they had to use “enough morphine to stop a camel” to knock him out and were forced to use arm and leg restraints to subdue him. Over the course of 3 days in a semi-coma and a week in the hospital doctors ran tests to figure out what happened. The drugs in his system (marijuana, prescription painkillers and cough syrup) were identified as possible factors but doctors were unable to identify a specific cause or diagnosis and feared the situation would result in death or permanent brain damage.

Fortunately, Chance made it through but he credits the experience with teaching him how “fragile life is and how out of control we actually are”. He says:

“When people have near death experiences there’s usually a reason. Someone gets shot, has an accident, etc. But I was walking down the street and out of nowhere this happened to me. To this day I still don’t have a reason.”

More importantly Chance says the event pushed him away from a dangerous lifestyle and forced him to focus on a career outside of the streets:

“I believe in karma and I’ve done a lot of things I don’t think I’ve necessarily paid for. People are in jail for doing less than me…but I think god has bigger plans. I think he put me through [it] to let me know I needed to chill out with what I was doing at the time because it could be over like that.”

At 20 years old Chance had been rapping for over 12 years and pursuing a career in music since junior year of high school when his group Tall Building Killahs (TBK) released their debut mixtape “The Breakthrough”. After the groups break-up Chance made a name for himself in Yonkers via mixtape features, battles and cyphers although his focus was split between the streets and the music industry. Chance says:

“I got caught up in the bullshit that comes with the game. Even though I didn’t necessarily need to be involved with that lifestyle it’s hard to leave it alone when you’re making hundreds of dollars a day and spending it just as fast.”

Having dropped out of college after 1 semester and never holding a job down for more than a few months Chance knew he had to make an honest living before he ended up in jail or dead like many of his friends before him.

Chance spent the next 2 years learning as much as he could about the music business and pushing himself to become a better artist. He abandoned the writing process completely preferring to record songs as he creates them. He says:

“It’s easier to just say what’s on your heart than record thoughts you wrote down a different day in a different mind frame. It adds a feeling of authenticity to the record.”

With the help of college friend Sam “Shine” Travis, Chance developed Crack Distributors Radio (CDR), which has become one of the hottest internet radio shows around, being featured on EVERY major hip-hop website and blog. CDR, currently on PNCRadio.FM Monday-Thursday 6-8pm, has featured major artist like Nicki Minaj, Maino, Kid Cudi, Young Chris, Murda Mook, Corey Gunz and many more.

Chance also writes a daily column (Chance Encounters) for’s rumors page. Having won the 2009 BET Hip Hop Awards "Blog Site Of The Year Award" and being named the 8th most popular blog by Yahoo! With over 5 million unique visitors a month, Chance’s column is read by thousands of Hip-Hop fans every day.

Preparing to release his next project, Daddy’s Home, Chance hopes his music and story will inspire others to understand the fleeting nature of time and push through their personal struggles to fight for their dreams.