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Majoring in visual arts, the artist has also developed her voice and has recorded two demo songs with Daz Hart who will be the lead live musician supporting the exhibitions. Also the dj and the artist are in the process of compiling ambient music for the exhibitions. These collaborations have indicated the potential for creating magic. The musicians have expressed great interest in being immersed in and inspired by the art during live performance. In a digital format, it is believed the art has the potential for use within healing or 'chill out' environments, as a visual backdrop for live musical performance, and has been requested for use as album art.


Feeling a bit camera shy


The exhibition/music will be based around a body of artwork by Chandrika.

The works where created during a seven year period of study with a master of fine arts in various locations in North Queensland and Northern NSW, Australia.

They portray a personal journey of self-realisation and integration with nature, expressed through the medium of oils on linen. (size 1200mm x 910mm). Each painting being a four to six month meditation, and reaching a high level of craftsmanship as the artist endeavoured to master the Numenous style.

Each piece is an explosion of sensual form and colour that resonates and inspires the feeling life of the viewers who have described them as being psychadelic in nature.

Others who witness the work respond with awe and describe having experienced shifts of consciousness. They are drawn into the paintings to travell into multi-dimensional worlds. Many experience a sense of receiving a gift.

The artist came from humble beginnings, being the daughter of local bio-dynamic farmers and granddaughter of pioneers. A sensitive child with the artistic gift presenting at an early age. The artist remembers disappearing into a world of her own whilst drawing and painting as a child.

Having followed the customary marriage, home, babies path she realised at age 29 that the creative spirit would not let her rest. With a sense of urgency and 'knowing' that there was something 'more', the young Mother of two embarked on a search for a teacher.

Based on her dedication and initiative in writing and illustrating a childrens picture book, and her innate, untrained artistic gift, a retired professor of Fine Arts from America offered to guide the artist to develop the ability to express her deepest feelings through the medium of drawing and painting.

In sacrificing all traditional expectations of a normal Australian woman, and the consequential family uproar, Chandrika devoted her life to an opportunity of a lifetime, that being to study Fine Arts and artistically portray her spiritual self-realisation.

The honest and vulnerable nature of the work kept it hidden for many years until the artist developed the courage to emerge and share her journey.

From the current responses and commited support of her family and peers the artist has realised that it is time for this work to be shared with many. A team of enthusiastic friends have offered to assist the works to be released and support the artist to continue her works in progress, in preparation for the first private exhibition set for September, 5th 2009. The aim is to continue having further full moon exhibition/musical gatherings which inspire other artists/musicians to develop their talent.

The existence of the series has been at great personal sacrifice of her family and many years of 'making do without' so the series could be held together as a spiritual journey retaining its full impact.

Chandrika feels that the art has been awaiting its time to emerge as part of a movement of positive mass consciousness, resonating with and supportive of the current alternative music industry.