Chanelle Gray

Chanelle Gray

 New York City, New York, USA

The sound of R&B Soul from Chanelle Gray is ever so sweet as she blends her UK swagger with her sultry voice. From her unique image defining who she is, to her mesmerizing flow. Chanelle Gray's songs will definitely be on all of your playlists!


Get ready to embrace “Street Soul” the sound of music an up and coming artist Chanelle Gray from South London, UK! Chanelle Gray will enthrall your senses with every faucet of her sultry melodies as you travel through the vibes of real life R&B, Hip hop and Soul.


A family unlimited in talent and a native musical background, Chanelle’s earliest memories ring back to imitating her mother, singer and renowned DJ “Lady Gem” formally of “Vibes FM radio in London”; as well as her Grandfather, “Owen Gray” who has been credited as Jamaica's first home-grown singing star. Around the tender age of 3, Chanelle passionately tapped into her talents. The inspirational sounds of iconic musicians such as, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Sade and Bob Marley are reminisce of what inspired her, and set the tone to a fulfilling life of music.  


Written from the heart and to the listening audience, her feisty combination of R&B, Soul, Hip hop, reggae, and elements of jazz and rock, will touch and move you down a walk of joy and pain, track after track, never missing a beat.

Chanelle is a talented, determined, charismatic, enthusiastic and fiercely ambitious raw British talent. 
To compliment her amazing musical ability, she performs live shows regularly, vowing her audiences with her aluminous stage presence and sheer love of her art. Now living Bi coastal between New York and London, she has an exciting future ahead of her and is sure to follow in the footsteps of some of her greatest influences.

All in all, Chanelle is a hugely gifted artist whose prospects are endless……


Chanelle Gray 
“Street Soul is what I call my’s all I know”


Set List

Keyboard player
Bass Player
1 backing vocalist