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The best kept secret in music


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'Abstract Star' EP (released 13th July, 06)

Track listing

1. Keeping Secrets
2. 5 Degrees
3. House of Cards
4. Abstract Star
5. Pressure
6. Beneath the Surface
7. Breathe

'Abstract Star ' Single (released 16th April, 06)
'Abstratc Star' Film clip (aired on Rage) and available for veiwing at and

Abstract Star
5 Degrees
House of Cards

these tracks can also be found at myspace and


Feeling a bit camera shy


Time Off Magazine

"Whoa - this is powerful shit! If you havent heard of Changing Falls yet, you will soon. Melbourne - where have you been hiding this band? Underground, locked in a metal chamber, to unleash when you see fit? Bastards! These guys are too good to have done that! An EP full of fury and epic riffs, the two years it took to write these songs has paid off with this massive record. Fans of Slipknot; make sure you have a spare change of pants - this is far superior. The title track is hitting airwaves now, so listen out for it." (DCR)


Labeled nu-metal by those who like to pigeon hole their music, the sound of Changing Falls is in part influenced, but not limited to the stock-standard rap/rock stereotype of the genre theirs is a sound influenced by electronica, trip hop, acoustica, folk and pop as much as anything else with members of the band listing to a diverse array of artists among their influences.

In 2002 the band decided to take a break, to focus their energy on writing new material. Two years later, the song writing process resulted in a handful of demos that the band felt were pushing the boundaries of the genre both from an electronica and a metal point of view. After experimenting with multiple drummers, vocalists and DJs to try to recreate what was achieved in their early demos, Changing Falls decided to cut the band down from an eight piece to a five piece, gaining James Oneil as their new drummer. The decision to go ahead with the recording of their debut EP Abstract Star with front man Nick Herrera as producer, would lead to the band focusing their sound on the mixing of percussive and electronic elements. This meant new ideas of layered drum effects with multiple beats and samples would push the band to experiment with new ways of constructing songs and to develop new ideas that have made 'Abstract Star' one of the more inventive and creative releases of 2006.

To complete this project Changing Falls spent one day at indent studios to record the drums with engineer Mick Somerton and at home, a handful of days to record all instrument and vocal tracks. Following this, seven months was then spent on the post production stage of the project. The idea was to try to create a truly unique and original sound by pushing the boundaries of production in a direction that had not yet been explored. Using the techniques and knowledge gained from the demo-ing process meant the band was able to move away from todays stale, overly glossed sound of nu-metal to achieve a truly remarkable demonstration of quality song writing and sound manipulation.

With their debut album now in mind, and a clear intention for their art, Changing Falls plan to evolve into one of the more original and exciting acts to feature in the heavy alternative scene.