Kew, Victoria, AUS
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Melbourne's 5 peice experimental rock outfit Changing Falls is turning heads with their powerful live show and truly unique recording 'A Demonstraion of things to come Vol 1'

The band have had great live success, using elements of improvisation that keeps the audience hooked and always wanting more


Changing Falls has come together after the trial of one idea that became the spark for countless others. The bands vision could only be described as a delusion of grandeur, but after innumerable shifts in sonic direction through a period of evolution, the trials of their journey promoted them mature musically and to refine their vision into an audible and comprehensible reality.

The band started when two like minded and eccentric artists came together after a history of working in tangents throughout the Melbourne music scene. Their paths met in an inertiatic collision, spelling out a future of new creativity and sonic explorations. The next endeavor was to find a working unit to back up the creative core of the band.

The pair sought talent from the expansive Melbourne music scene and found that it was a challenge for most to comprehend their artistic direction. They finally found the answer in three talented musicians, and created a solid 5 piece line-up that complemented and contributed to the duos vast musical visions.

A demonstration of things to come; volume 1 is the bands first exploration of the vision that is driving them in new experimental directions. This release defines everything that the band set out to achieve by finding something that is imaginative and draws in its audience, immersing them in surreal soundscapes bound in convoluting rhythms.

Changing Falls are working to make their mark on the Australian live music scene with an explosive live show incorporating elements of improvisation that feeds off their unsuspecting audience and leaves them questioning their understanding of reality.

Time Off Magazine.

Whoa - this is powerful shit! If you havent heard of Changing Falls yet, you will soon. Melbourne - where have you been hiding this band? Underground, locked in a metal chamber, to unleash when you see fit? Bastards! These guys are too good to have done that! An EP full of fury and epic riffs, the two years it took to write these songs has paid off with this massive record. - superior. (DCR)


A Demonstration of Things to Come Vol 1

Set List

Drink to The Skies (working title)
Her Breath Created the Desert
Do or Do not, There is no try (working title)
Before and After
Blank Pages
So this is what happens when you forget how to...